Forget Thread Count: This Is How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets

Will we just like this for a even as? I’m going to exfoliate with this one. Oooh. You cannot even see me over the pillows Iam so small. Now i’m doing a visual experiment. Even before you touch it, it looks inexpensive,like, the sides are uninspired. I feel like if I slept on this, i’d wake upfrom the sound of my dermis. I quite like this one. I have no idea how many more faces have beenon it, and it’s kinda creeping me out. I don’t know why i’m still keeping it, cradlingit like a small baby. But it surely feels tender like if I put on prettypajamas, I may slide away from bed. I love napping. It is like my favourite factor. Sound asleep is my interest. I might sleep on all of them. Ummmmm perhaps 600. I particularly feel thread rely’s false.200? 75? 10,000. From like a hundred to, I don’t know, maybe, a thousand. I do not feel i have ever bought a pillowcasejust purchase itself. I have no idea what kind of unwell man or woman wouldgo browsing only for pillowcases. I do know that i buy particularly excessive thread countsheets considering the fact that i am a princess. Pillows and cats is what i’m surrounded byat night time. I do not know how much things rate in reallife..

Are you washing your sheets often enough?

You’re just now getting out of bed it’s your decision to grab your mattress sheets simply go ahead throw them in the washing desktop it seems that your mattress sheets are full of germs rose yeah you will be a hazard for some beautiful gross aspect results too for those who do not wash them regularly adequate Haley Hernandez is here with 5 factors causes to wash your sheets now five gross motives you need to throw them within the wash so once per week is precisely how most likely you should be washing your sheets why so most likely considering there is matters lurking in between the covers that may make your epidermis crawl what i am about to inform you might make your head spin if you’re now not washing your sheets in hot water you might now not be killing the entire germs lurking under the covers dermatologist dr.Reggie Niigata from Baylor institution of treatment says folks with a history of zits eczema or dermis infections have to watch out [Music] that’s right microscopic parasitic mites are feeding on your skin as you sleep it can be inevitable but dr. Kanta says dirt mites may additionally result in allergic reactions if you are now not washing your sheets as often as once per week and you have touchy dermis dr.Kanta says that is where zits and eczema flare-u.S.A.Might be coming from and a scorching wash dry and if wanted touchy laundry detergent must hold you in the clear from infections caused by using bedsheets so if you are now not showering before mattress micro organism and different infections can survive your epidermis after which transfer from side to side to your bedding plus the hair merchandise that we don’t wash out of our hair everyday dr. Katsu says these would be the culprit for breakouts considering those stick with your pillowcase and get on your face you switch it back and forth each night time it is mainly the least nasty out of everything like sorry guys Audrina Brothers was the least offensive hair pleasant yeah oh wow it began with that see we will have to have adopted your recommendation from yesterday to bathe earlier than bedtime correct and now you just received to clean these sheets once a week sizzling water yeah tremendously recommend sufficient they are rather grossed out heebie-jeebies in particular when you bear in mind our Houston Houston warmness and humidity I mean that type of blows it up ok

Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

Nonetheless in the room with the Arlo however can i let you know these sheets are intellect-boggling retail value is practically a hundred and forty bucks so often after I’m stood subsequent to sheets on HSN I appear at our monitors and that i consider they don’t seem as just right on cameras they do in real lifestyles i am gonna take all that again these sheets seem as good on camera if no longer I imply guys an actual lifestyles viewpoint they are certainly as beautiful as they appear we launched these 24 hours in the past and they’ve been a significant hit everybody wishes bamboo for therefore many reasons individuals love the anti wrinkle and crinkle folks love the relief and luxurious and individuals like to sleep cooler this has cool plus built wherein implies that you are going to sleep two to three levels cooler at night Chelsey and that i purchased two sets and then I bought residence and he or she said spouse we simplest bought two sets so she purchased one other set good since I was on air within the rocky the producer bought three units we had like each person in the studio used to be like oh yeah I should get these I will have to get these the difference is is that we’re right here and in a position to contact and think it we are going to do our very great to convey how effective these are but you surely must go all in and buy a set of these sheets Ellen Bunner is here Ellen to take I imply on account that they you were not speculated to be you understand they known as me this morning due to the fact that this is the sort of gorgeous set of sheets and if you store with concierge assortment earlier than we now have sheets for everyone but it is a blend that we have now under no circumstances achieved nothing and what i like about it it can be for everyone who loves bamboo ran from bamboo it is luxury it is silky it has an first-rate drape and softness and coolness after which we brought cool plus which is a fiber that absolutely is perforated so exceed and wick moisture so it’s this combo that every person’s been searching for yes yeah and so they’re stunning gorgeous not the colours that we have now bought on here you’ll find taupe is 1,000,000 dollars correct what I such as you said you said it’s like a champagne toe my gosh Kashmir it quite is that is a perfect description due to the fact it’s not simply a run of the mill khaki no there may be nothing about this there’s natural after which the colour we paired it with everybody even people that do not most of the time get this colour is getting this we call it the dusty rose no longer Dusty Rhodes that’s a wrestler now not Dusty Rhodes dusty rose so these were those warm tones however then wait to see the mattress that has the cool tones with the blue and the silver grey so i am gonna run you by means of these there may be no longer a nasty one in the bunch well so it is no longer that this issues in any respect but we purchased the white we all support it is first-class it can be I constantly say a impartial and a colour however the neutrals are so lovely – so here is the white I mean even the white the drape the weight of those the silkiness here is the grey look at this grey it’s like a dove grapes like a silver it’s extra a silver than it is it and i’m going to inform you each host that I’ve done a show with lobbies and every producer the day gone by and all people on the crew that’s made the bed has purchased these for the reason that we considering the fact that they’re not average these are a hundred and fifty greenback sheets natural retail cost that we’re doing at forty nine ninety 5 with the five flex pay of direction which gets at dwelling however underneath $10 you realize it’s rough when the whole thing we present is so exotic however i hope you can see in my eyes and in in Ellen’s eyes these are further additional ordinary if which you could you must order and you realize what any individual just requested me up front that was once shopping these gold she stated i’m getting the King is that extra that is an extra new colour rakonin red ash so it is only a trace of colour like a light gentle lilac sure appear at it with it that is heavenly correct that is heavenly correct beautiful so there is that then this is the dusty rose that is on the mattress that is aqua now that is most of the time probably the most saturated color on this palette and these are additionally fade resistant sure as good as being cut down resistant so this colour you do not must shy far from this blue oh my gosh we’ve got this on the bed with the gray and it’s wonderful look at the luster that comes off of these sheets sage inexperienced an extra relatively pretty impartial after which of path there may be that oh if you want additional pillowcases we do have them in usual or Kings to ask your consultant about that I believe the article is Ellen we get quite a few humans you are not able to you want to go back to mattress you might have best simply bought up you wish to have to go back to mattress however persons perpetually want to find out about bamboo bamboo is viewed as like one of the vital satisfactory of the quality it’s and it can be very high priced proper this is rayon from bamboo so you capture various the qualities of bamboo that we like that being considered one of them the drape and the delicate silky hand these will be the softest sheets you might have ever felt and so they’re now not slippery so i am gonna ask me that they have got a great weight to them so these are fifty 5 percentage rayon from bamboo however just as pleasing is what it can be woven with and it can be woven with a man-made fiber known as cool plus and that fiber simply has microscopic slits through the fiber to make it breathable and moisture wicking so sizzling sleepers persons if you are snoozing on a hot mattress if it is simply scorching you realize each time you get into bed you get up with warmness buildup out of your sheets look at these sheets the cool plus relatively mirrors what the bamboo is already doing naturally considering bamboo is a porous fiber right that’s why it’s known for being breathable and moisture wicking and funky so this is best gonna add to that you’re getting more of what you wish to have it can be a wedding made in heaven proper particularly is so suppose about air float and moisture so i would like you to believe of this may you work out in a cotton t-shirt if I worked out now you believe about we consistently suppose of cotton is the most breathable and coolest correct but however this is twice as breathable and cool as cotton because this is really designed to wick heat and moisture so in the event you perspire instead of your sheets getting sticky and clammy and warmness buildup this without a doubt pulls the heat and moisture away and evaporates I consider like i am about to do a magic trick i’m style of in myself i will elephants going to appear from infants and then we gotta go to that blue vents you can find for those who can not choose watch colour on which colour you can do as many as you need all on flexpay you could purchase five colours and spend $50 plus tax considering that you can do with all of them on flex pay I i’m obsessive about the notion that we convey how excellent the sign I wish to say this I promise you that whilst you get this home while you get this residence while you open the box you are going to now not take them out and contact them and say what had been they speakme about this is sort of a natural set sheet I swear to you you hand hand on coronary heart as they are saying you can take this out and you’ll be able to go k these two loopy cats had been telling the reality this is the nicest best most steeply-priced softest most beautiful set of sheets you’ve ever seen or fell i do know that’s i know i am constructing this up and i do not care since it can be valued at every single penny I imply it’s so proper after I first felt them it was humorous you realize what I did I took them out of the package and that i my my loved ones used to be in the residing room and that i ran around and that i put it on i am like you need to suppose these i’m not kidding i’m like throwing the sheets over my loved ones participants on account that I want to mention too they are a 400 thread rely i know that is most important to numerous you guys so these are a luxury level however what’s different to love when you like cotton or you like microfiber that is some thing different proper we in no way achieved it however the weightiness sure isn’t as mild and wispy is a microfiber has a bit great hand but these are long lasting I want to touch on some thing else they may be wrinkle resistant they’re fade resistant they usually’re curb resistant and they do have a deep pocket let me exhibit you that real fast in view that if you are getting new mattress this weekend and we have now a exceptional one coming up are you doing doing probably you’re getting an extra size bed or you’ve a pillow high or a fiberbed 18 inch accommodation elastic all of the means round so these will match we’re gonna head over to our subsequent mattress incidentally if you wish to have the the American Dream Dusty Rhodes is popular this present day mistress it can be dusty rose not Dusty Rhodes I mean appear appear i know this doesn’t sell this I do not know this appears angelic her fit for human consumption look on the sheen within the luster off of this mattress I mean it’s quite lovely and you already know sheets are so principal correct you slip into them you slip underneath them you need them to last you wish to have them to be long lasting but you as a rule need them to be smooth it is soaking secure and so many humans bitch about warmth sure you already know we want to sleep cooler you sleep better that method you get up much less most commonly if you are at that targeted age i’m talking to the females available in the market and this warmth at night when you sleep becomes an issue if if we are able to help all of it with that I mean these are twice as moisture waking dry and cooling and comfy as a cotton sheet so that’s I suppose it can be humorous motive Ellen I was once saying excuse me we’re style of torn that is a tremendous story Ellen it’s sleep cooler to be extra cozy however you then combine it with the bamboo and you might have simply bought both pleasant reports after which the value I can’t the worth is top notch on this and i do know that’s a small a part of it however I imply it’s particularly the icing on the cake is just how cheap these are for what you are getting I imply for those who seem at for those who fee what’s available in the market oh I imply even our $79 cost tune is a satisfactory worth however well for those who do rate retailer and rate compare I imply in the event you seem on the side of your screen or now on the backside of your reveal what you can see is we wish to keep it relocating around keep you in your feet without it what you’ll be able to see is that you know retail value is upwards of 100 and forty dollars these are excessive excessive nice sheets I mean this is really top top-tier stuff so that you can buy sheets for all costs obviously but at $forty nine in the in the thirteen years i’ve been at HSN i’ve on no account stood subsequent to a suite of $forty nine sheets and felt the best way I do about these that’s why we ordered three sets the day gone by what a huge assertion and Alan what would you agree I do thanks very so much I do agree it is I mean that is fairly a type of that we’ve got been fairly excited to get our arms on I want to mention one thing about deal with these please ok this is simply my advice okay i love your advice i might i’d watch these on my own however do not put towels and things in with them proper i would wash them might be on delicate simply considering that you are gonna want to maintain these them and i might dry them on low and pass the fabric softener you do not have to do it and the cause why is these are very porous and breathable and if you wish to have them to remain that approach simply use your dryer balls or anything you realize don’t put in material softener on it right no it’s great recommendation yeah it’s satisfactory recommendation we wish these sheets do men and women smooth anyway however i’m just saying if you wish to rather continue what you’ve got got no i might rather comprehend now i might as a substitute no no i’m going to tell Chelsea once we get residence as well so so everyone knows about it I just suppose you’re going to this is like a pool it’s like a pony it appears like a pool where’s my shot get me a peanut colada you realize flow it is a mini it’s really effective and you already know that is why everybody here is responding i am so comfortable you guys are responding I’ve best had these on someday sure it was once a big day again that’s why I used to be over the moon once they mentioned that they might enable us to gift it we now have 4 minutes left before our Chromebook and printer one in every of our different shrewd deals for the holiday weekend will go over the colours recollect every person can pay the equal low price whether you are buying a twin full queen king or California king it can be best $49.Ninety five should you do need further pillowcases we’ve them available in regular or king-size now the pillowcases are much more confined in availability so order the pillowcases whilst again you do get 2 pillowcases with it or one with the twin however if you like further in the event you love a mountain of pillows on the bed order while considering I do not want you to call in day after today after which be gone ok I suppose for those ladies that are into these beauty secrets these pillowcases are gonna be satisfactory to your scanners on account that they’re really relatively smooth very soft yes sure so this is your white fine alternative there’s your grey which I keep calling silver however it is gray the taupe the champagne – the dusty rose not ever be in a position to seem at that thing i know i am gonna say i’ll reside with then you definately we have aqua we’ve got your beautiful blue light blue am i able to simply swiftly say yes digicam hooks the legend the icon are you the superstar she guys is there anyway you don’t must care the photograph she does not want just a little and i don’t I do both however persons Tamara is on the side of the scripture shout out Tamara that is that she’s ordering them as we speak everybody’s ordering these sheets everyone that’s in the know is ordering these what more what extra can we are saying LM Bob the design crew at the back of concierge assortment they may be robust they’re all napping on this I don’t want you guys to overlook out it can be a nice time to try something new and specific or should you’ve been wanting to try bamboo for a while maybe you have been considering that cooling technological know-how this is a marriage of both sure it’s it is and that our producer Jared just instructed me we discovered the item quantity and important points for the matching pillowcases if you would like them we’re gonna flash them up so you will see that them and if you again should you need to organize them while I incredibly encourage you go for it it’s a wonderful amazing technique to get that full set there are no restrictions despite the fact that it is a Labor Day holiday weekend sale so the whole lot

My OCD (Song)

Whats up? Hey Mr. Neal. How are you today? I am good. The place’s the leisure of the group? Oh it’s just you. I’m the team? Yes however do not fear, I don’t need any individual else. That photo frame those Hoodie Strings they are driving me insane Unequal pizza slices Fonts of exclusive sizes it’s greater than i will be able to take lacking parenthesis Uneven capris Googling "askew" luggage opened the improper end will have to be recognized as a sin, along with An unsolved Rubik’s dice I gotta make matters right Make it the way in which it can be imagined to be it is my OCD rest room paper dealing with inwards Un-synchronized synchronized swimmers A closet thats not geared up capsules eliminated out of sequence Sideburns that are not even That one rebel mini blind I gotta make things proper Make it the best way it’s imagined to be it can be my OCD Mr.Neal, how’s the whole thing going? First-class. Would you prefer to take a smash? Yeah virtually that’d be pleasant. I am hoping you are hungry I’ve all set some snacks for you. Revel in and that i gotta make matters correct Make it the best way it’s speculated to be it can be my OCD youngster I gotta make matters correct Make it the way in which it can be supposed to be it is my OCD very well we’re all accomplished you’re free to go. Mr. Neal? Mr. Neal? Am i able to come again tomorrow?.

DreamFit Bamboo-Rich Quilted Sheet Ensemble


Introducing Purple Sheets. Stretchiest, Comfiest, Bamboo Sheets Ever.

Story: Your sheets, cheap or expensive, are ruining your life. I’m just kidding, that’s a little bit too far, but they are making your bed less comfortable. That’s why I got Purple Sheets. Purple Bed Sheets are soft, strong, stretchy. because these sheets are just… If you don’t wake up each morning feeling like you wrestled with a grizzly bear then you’re sleeping in the wrong kind of sheets. I’m a flannel man. Lies peasant, lies! Only Egyptian cotton with thread count so high the number cease to have meaning offer the finest form of slumber. Come again! Sleeping with flannel is like having typhoid fever without the chance of death. It’s so hot, it wraps you in spree arms and bleeds the sweat right out of ya. It’s so rugged it covers ya in manly rashes. Wash ’em out, Rockets! Imagine… sleeping on it hippogriff, the wind in your face as you embrace and spoon a cloud… that’s cotton. Tough, triedandtrue, flannel does the job for you. Egyptian cotton is divine. Flannelllll! …ENOUGH! They’re bed sheets.You shouldn’t have to choose between sheets made from a high end bologna. My mom made me bologna all the time. Purple Bed Sheets for the no-nonsense sleep better solution. For people who obsess over sheets, like me. Definitely me, but you as well! For people who don’t give a rat’s buttocks. Like him. Got ya. Other sheets suck the comfort soul right out of the mattress, by being too tight or too ridgid. It creates a drum over the bed that your body can’t conform to. You don’t put bunny ears on a 4K T.V., do you? on your sweet mattress purple bed sheets maximize the comfort of your bag it’s the only bed sheet that’s made from bamboo fabric that’s also super stretchy it’s like a 1980’s superhero Oh my gosh, stop.Cut it, cut! Curtis, get out of here. Look at the competition. It’s rigid and stiff, and so very rigid. Oh man we’re talking stone tablets over here, okay. Look at Purple! Oh my gosh, look at the stretch here! You seeing this? Now are you looking at this? There’s so much stretch to it. Sometimes in my room, I like to sleep in a stretchy pants and these stretchy sheets. See the stretch? But look, Grizzly, Purple Bed Sheets are durable without being uncomfortable or scratching. Shouldn’t have to feel like a high school dance when you go to bed. Did you know that Purple Bed Sheets are sups breathable and airy? and super soft without being stiff and this heavy duty elastic band on the fitted sheet means that actually fit and stays on the mattress How sweet is that?! No more sheet battles. Okay Okay Wow Can we nominate these for the Noble Sleep Prize? Wait a second. We’ve got it! I thought this would be bigger, but it’ll do.Purple Bed Sheets are soft and strong, seamless, stretchy, cool, comfortable, and easy to clean all at the same time. Your sheets should unleash endless possibilities of comfort for your bed. If you have a bad and want unleash it, click here! Hello. Look at. Baby! Baby, baby oh!.

Ecosa Mattress Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Mattress?

Logan: What’s up, everybody? It’s Logan from and, today,I’m going to be reviewing the Ecosa mattress. The Ecosa is an adjustable mattress meaningyou can change the foam layers to better fit your firmness preferences. I’m going to talk about what makes up theEcosa, talk about the firmness of it, run some tests, give some recommendations. If there’s anything I don’t cover during thevideo, just leave a note in the comments section below.If you are looking for other mattress reviews,you can just google Sleepopolis and mattress reviews to see our full listing there. For right now, let’s jump in and talk aboutthe construction of the Ecosa mattress. [music] Logan: Now taking a look at the materialsof the Ecosa mattress. Speaking briefly on the cover, I do want topoint out it is removable and machine washable. It’s polyester. That’s really all you have to know about thatcover. Underneath that, there’s this second coverwhich is waterproof, which could be a nice feature if you are interested in that.Underneath the cover, we get to the foam layersof the Ecosa. There’s three layers. You can rearrange them into different positionsdepending on what firmness you’re looking for. This is how it actually comes out of the box. They call it medium, but it is the softestarrangement of foam layers for the Ecosa. On top, in this arrangement, is the memoryfoam layer. It’s maybe about an inch of memory foam there,classic memory foam feel. You can see that really slow response to pressure,gives you that contouring feeling around your hand. You sink into it. It’s nice for pressure relief. Something to look out for, though, is thatmemory foam can trap heat a bit at times. If you are someone who’s a little bit nervousabout overheating in the middle of the night, memory foam mattresses are something thatyou should be wary of a little bit. Underneath that, in this arrangement, it’sset up as a transition layer, but this poly foam layer you actually flip over this piecehere.You can see these are glued together. If you want it to be a little bit firmer thanthe medium arrangement with the memory foam on top, you just flip this over after youunzip the mattress and put this on top. It’s got a quicker response to pressure. In my opinion, it is a little bit firmer thanthe memory foam on top of it. It gives you a little bit more mobility, thingslike that. About the same firmness, in my opinion, maybea little bit firmer. In this arrangement here, it basically transitionsyou from the soft memory foam on top through to the transition layer here and, finally,into the high density poly foam base.It is a really firm material, as you can see. Quick response to pressure supports the layersof foam on top of it. If you do put the Ecosa in the firmest arrangementof all of them, you actually drop these two pieces to the bottom and move this to thetop and actually lay directly on this piece. In my opinion, it is much firmer in that arrangement. We’ll get a little bit more into the feelingthere, but those are the three foam layers of the Ecosa mattress. Now that we’ve seen what makes up the Ecosamattress, I want to talk a little bit about what it feels like to actually lie on topof one.Like I said before, the Ecosa is an adjustablemattress. There’s three different firmness levels. I’m going to talk briefly about each of them. The way that it set up first was the softestway that you can arrange the Ecosa’s layers. They call it the medium firmness. I’d agree with that. It’s about a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. A few other testers test out the mattressas well. They all had it in that same kind of 5.5,6.5 out of 10 range, somewhere in there with the memory foam on top of the mattress. It’s fine for back sleepers, the little bitof sinkage, definitely some contouring around the body because of the memory foam. If you’re a side sleeper and you buy the Ecosa,I think that’s the arrangement you’re going to want to have it in in general because itis, in my opinion, the softest setup out of the three.Finally, if you’re a stomach sleeper, I wouldsay that the softest arrangement of the Ecosa is probably not the one for you because itwill have that memory foam on top. Your hips definitely will feel like they sinkin a little bit. I definitely experienced that when I was lyingon that portion of the Ecosa mattress. Next setup, I want to talk about the mediumfirmness of the Ecosa. They call it medium firm firmness. Basically, this is with the white middle layeractually spun over and put on top of the mattress. In my opinion, it’s about the same firmnessas if the memory foam’s on top. It’s just got a little quicker response toit. There’s a little bit extra firmness to it,maybe like a half point or something there. Overall, about the same level of support,in my opinion, as well as the other testers that tested out the Ecosa for me. If you are more of a combo sleeper and rollaround from your back to your side, this might be more in line with what you’re looking forbecause you feel more on top of this arrangement than you will if the memory foam’s on top.In general, I don’t think that the feel, otherthan that sinkage in contour, is much different between the medium and soft arrangements onthe Ecosa. Finally, the firmest arrangement of the Ecosajust takes that high density poly foam base and places it on top, so you lie directlyon top of that. In my opinion, it is noticeably firmer thanthe other arrangements. A few of my testers disagreed and didn’t thinkthere was much difference in that feel at all. In my opinion, if you’re a stomach sleeper,this is definitely the way to go with the Ecosa mattress.Definitely felt more on top of the mattress. It’s a firmer feel. There’s not much give to that at all. If you’re a side sleeper, I think you’re goingto feel a little jammed up if you lie directly onto that high density poly foam. Again, if you’re a side sleeper, go with thesoftest version of this or with the memory foam on top. More of a combo sleeper, I think you’re goingto want to turn that layer over so that you get a little bit quicker bounce to the mattress,a little bit more mobility. About the same level of support. Finally, if your stomach sleeper, I wouldsay put the firm arrangement up so that you’re going to be able to have your hips supportedso you don’t sink too far into the mattress. Instead of just describing the feel of theEcosa mattress to you, I want to give you a visual representation of where pressurepoints might form while lying on the mattress.My first test here is what the pressure map. I’ve laid a pressure map on top of the mattress. I tried it in all three arrangements for theEcosa. You’ll see the results ranging from blue forlow pressure to red for high pressure. A few interesting things come up when takinga look at the pressure map for the Ecosa. One is that it stays pretty much blue, lowpressure, across the board on my back regardless of the firmness of this mattress. That means pretty much my weight’s in an evenlydistributed situation, so I don’t push too far in the mattress either way.I agree. I don’t think there’s much difference in termsof pressure points forming when I’m in this position. The bigger differences come when I roll ontomy side. You can see, on the firmer version or thefirmer arrangement of the Ecosa mattress, there’s definitely higher pressure in theshoulders and the hips, which are two problem areas for a lot of side sleepers. With a firmer mattress, side sleepers aregoing to start interacting with the support of a mattress a lot quicker. You’re going to have higher pressure in thosepositions, get a little jammed up, especially at the shoulders. That’s why a lot of side sleepers prefer softermattresses that you can sink deep into for a lot of pressure relief. Looking at the medium and the soft arrangementsof the Ecosa, you don’t see too much difference there. Like I said, in my opinion, the support levelof those arrangements is pretty similar. The only difference really is that contouringfeel with memory foam up or more of a quick response with the poly foam on top.Rolling onto my stomach. Again, weight’s pretty evenly distributed. You don’t see too much difference here interms of pressure across the body. I would, however, recommend that if you area stomach sleeper that I would say you should go with the firm support arrangement justbecause I think it does a better job of supporting your hips and keeping your spine aligned ina good position. My next test up is the sinkage test. This is for those people that want to knowwhether they’re going to feel like they’re sitting on top of or sinking into bed. I used four balls of varying sizes, weightsand densities — so, many different body parts — and see how far into the mattress theysink. We have a 6-pound ball, a 10-pound ball, 50-poundball, and 100-pound ball to simulate that center mass of your body if you’re a bit bigger. Honestly, in terms of sinkage, I think theEcosa is on the average, so somewhere between one and six inches of sinkage depending onwhich ball we’re talking about.There is a bit of difference depending onwhich arrangement you have the mattress in. If you are in the firm arrangement, I wouldsay there’s about an inch less sinkage across the board in terms of how far in these ballsare sinking as compared to the medium and soft arrangements, which come in at the sameamount of sinkage. Really, the difference between the soft andmedium arrangements isn’t that much. It’s just the difference in feel between thememory foam or poly foam on top, which is you’ll feel a little bit more stuck in thememory foam because that’s slow response. In general, there’s about the same level ofsinkage for those two as opposed to the firm, which is going to keep you up out of the mattressa little bit more. Another test we ran is the motion transfertest or bounce test. We drop a ball from 4, 8, and 12 inches tosimulate someone getting into bed in the middle of night or rolling around, that kind of thing,on the other side of the bed.We track the disturbance across the mattress. Depending on the arrangement you have themattress in, you’re going to get a little bit more bounce out of the poly foam, a littlebit more disturbance transferred across the mattress in those situations because they’rea little bit bouncier, have a little bit quicker response. Memory foam is going to be better to dullthat disturbance. It’s transferred across the mattress becauseit doesn’t have that quick response to pressure and not as much bounce. Before we go, I want to give a few recommendationsand complaints that I have about the Ecosa mattress.First, one of the reasons I think you mightlike the Ecosa or want to buy it is if you’re going to use it in a guest room, people withdifferent preferences in terms of firmness coming through that you might want to changeit. That could be an option. Two, another reason you might like the Ecosais if it’s for a kid’s room. As kids grow, their preferences in terms offirmness change. Also, there is the waterproof second coverunderneath the top cover which is removable and machine washable for any accidents orspills kids might have, so could be a good choice for a kid’s room as well. Some of the complaints I have about the Ecosais that changing around or adjusting the layers for different firmness arrangements is a pain. Definitely, it took two people here in theSleepopolis room to change it around to the different firmness layers as we were testingit out. Two, there’s not really any bounce to thismattress. It is an all-foam mattress so that’s not thatweird, but changing positions is a little bit tougher when there’s not much bounce toa mattress.Those are just a few of my general recommendationsand complaints. If you have any other questions, please leavea note in the comments section below. If you are interested in purchasing an Ecosamattress, I want to give you a little bit of information on that process. First, there is a 100-night trial period,so you get the mattress in home for a little over three months before you have to decidewhether or not you want to send it back. Two, there is a 15-year warranty. Of course, you want to check online on theirwebsite for exactly what that warranty covers. That’s definitely above the average of whatI would say is usually a 10-year warranty for the foam bed-in-a-box market. Shipping is free, and it will arrive compressedin a box.When you take it out of the box and let itexpand, you’re going to want to let it sit for at least a couple of hours, if not overnight,before anyone sleeps on it so it gets to its full potential there. Finally, in terms of price, the queen sizeversion of the Ecosa mattress comes in at $850. That’s it for my review of the Ecosa mattress. Again, if there is anything I didn’t cover,just leave a note in the comments section below. Also, please subscribe to our SleepopolisYouTube channel as we’re going to keep putting out more reviews. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitterso you don’t miss any of our giveaway announcements or any of our sleep news. Check out for all of yoursleep needs. [music].

Concierge Collection Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

geoff cowan with clearance on bedding I want to make sure it’s very clear i know the phone lines are busy and thank you for your patience if you hang in there i hope the size is still available there in that topper everything still comes with our 30 day money back guarantee everything because what we’re about to offer you right now is unprecedented right in the way of getting your bed made perfectly every single time now when we were coming out of break and i was like you don’t believe me how soft is i said i believe these are Wow right wow it’s almost like silk it is this bamboo right though bamboo yes $49.95 now not I’d be bad I had two conversations going on my producers in May is saying that he’d bought these for a wedding gift at full price so they were just short of a hundred dollars at full price and worth every penny of that today so if you’re already ordering the top up maybe ordering the pillows that we also offered you grab the sheet set because right now as it stands at the beginning of this presentation we have all sizes and all colors color wise we have the blue we have the ivory we have lilac and we have white now there’s a question how what are your white sheets right now white are your white sheets and be smart like Doug if you have a wedding coming up and you want to give the gifts oh my god absolutely feel amazing these really i’m not exaggerating no they really are amazing and you know i have been here a long time and i can tell you i don’t see bamboo sheets very often it is very rare that we get bamboo and a lot of people only sleep on bamboo once you have a set of bamboo sheets it is a little bit addictive and you can understand why absolutely once you feel these and maybe you never felt them clearance under fifty dollars any size you owe it to yourself to get these home and try it and you know if you go to and read the reviews first of all I think you can kind of visually see what I’m talking about the drape is unbelievable the sheen do you see how that beautiful Sheen and the coolness to these now I know right now it cold outside but what bamboo is known for is it silky hand it is natural so it is very breathable it is moisture wicking and it is naturally antimicrobial so it is just a great fabric treatment and if you are a hot sleeper you will love bamboo and what a lot of you have said is it has a soft silkiness of microfiber but it is natural you know what I think I’m not kidding you I’m watching these presentation looking anything why did I buy this before we start the show when I came out of josh levi sandy box i get these for myself now can I ask dog on a personal note white and Queen do we have plenty of those satellite seriously because this is one thing for sure I’m talking from personal experience when I talk about I’ve got a whole 150 remaining white queen leave me one set because I would be i was talking from personal experiences saying you know the white sheets that we have right now are as wide as they once were right it’s just one of those things with wear and tear now you have got a chance right now we’ve got all colors all sizes available in this amazing bamboo hyper allergenic smooth silky smooth I promise you I did not touch these until this presentation started because I wouldn’t experience it with you guys to get this set flat fitted to pillowcases for fifty dollars it now I will also point out this is more limited than what we had with the topper so know that we had just under 1,500 we got about just under 12 hundred of these remaining across the board in all colors all sizes but obviously as we go through the presentation we will definitely lose colors inside well this is what is fun about clearance is you can really upgrade you know you can get sheets that are you know easily at our price is a hundred dollars and you know in the marketplace you can spend much more than that and you can get an entire set for under fifty dollars and I was just reading reviews this has almost all our perfect 1080 11 are perfect five stars and these are people that purchase these sheets probably at $99 got them home laundered them slept on them took the time to write a review and I really love the color palette to I mean when you’re going to do sheets like this that are very special because bamboo is a lot of people love it because it is one of those sustainable resources I mean I used to live next door to my neighbors head bamboo and you can visibly see it grow from in the during the day you know what I mean it is one of those replenishable resources so we love it for that but it really is these feel like the most expensive sheets it is hard to even describe it in terms of thread count I mean it it is so so key it has such a coolness to it and you can see I don’t know how close you can get but you even notice when you look at it is a twill weave so it has a little bit of a different we’ve to it I mean you can see that it has that incredible finish this is one of those that you want to get it home you want to put it on the bed and experience it and I mean things are so important I was going to say not an important but almost some of the most intimate you know yes linens and clothing because you think about clothing even thing about a towel they’re only are momentarily even clothing you may have on for six seven eight ER but with with bedding your entire bodies in contact with worse for hours and four years and four years in most cases so for less than fifty dollars the flex pay on here I think we’ve got 2 flexpays here at 2498 grab it now another thing we’ve been offering is 0 HSN card no you if you do not have HSN card charge card we’re taking ten dollars off your first purchase now there’s no annual fees and all sorts of VIP services with the HSN card including additional flexpays on beauty on fashion on jewelry every single day the year but if you’ve never quite gone ahead and grab an HSN card will take another ten dollars off this price so this is what I say in the very beginning the quality is still there the beauty is still there at the moment sizes and colors are still there but and the 30 day money-back guarantee means that you can get it at home and sleep on it if this does not make you sigh and be welcomed in your room in your bedroom when you get in into your bed packaged up return it back to us within the 30 days and we’ll refund to the purchase price you know that’s such a great thing especially was betting you know I would say a lot of you probably have never tried bamboo because it really isn’t readily available it is one of those fabrications normally specialty catalogs high-end catalogs will offer bamboo maybe you can find it online but to be able to have it to bring it home to wash it to sleep on it to really test it out I wanted you to see this maybe just picked up that great mattress topper I know we have a featherbed coming up this has that deep pocket 18 inch accommodation the elastic goes all the way around so it is a great fitting sheet but I want you to see this even when I undid the corner here do you see the drape of this fabric it has a little bit of weight enos to it but yet it is still very very light it is very silky and cool but not slick you notice that absolutely it is again and I say this because I think of all the great features of bamboo and there is a lot what resonates I think with most people is the fact that it is natural it is breathable and it is great if you’re a hot sleeper let’s look at features you know this is one hundred percent rayon from bamboo it is naturally silky and so uncomfortable it is lightweight it is durable but at the same time it is very moisture wicking and that is important if you’re that hot sleeper you owe it to yourself differently to try a sheet that is really built for that if it describes your own personal summers right right right $49.95 8 for the last twenty four dollars and 98 scenes down at the moment we have sizes and colors across the ball but some are very very limited indeed and remember you saved me at least one set of the queen in white if you wouldn’t mind so much for 60 1799 is out of it

2′ x 4′ Poultry Plastic Flooring that Optimizes Bird Performance

This is Double L’s Red Rooster Poultry Flooring. They come in 2 foot by 4 foot sections. It has a 50% opening for great manure filtration. The openings are 3/4″ by 3/4″ and can be used with any size of bird. They come with reinforced premolded screwholes for fast assembly. Made with no break polypropylene gives ita smooth, nonporous surface which is easy to clean and disinfect. The noncorrosive material will not harborbacteria, rot, rust, or absorb water like wood slats. 4 foot sections can be easily carried outof the poultry house for cleaning with power washers without having to disassemble the floor.For all your poultry flooring needs, ask forDouble L’s Red Rooster Flooring..

Pros & Cons of Common Fabrics | Fibres & Fabrics Part 1

Hey guys, welcome to my fibres and fabrics series. In this video, part one, I’ll be talking about some common materials that you likely have or will come across. And what the pros and cons are for both everyday use and the environmental impact. Part two will be about vegan synthetic versus animal materials. And part 3 will be all about upcycled and recycled materials. So definitely check those out as well.So first up is cotton, and I’ll include time codes below for the different materials if you want to jump ahead or reference certain ones. Cotton is probably the most common fabric and it’s a natural fibre, it comes from the cotton plant And it is: soft, breathable (meaning that air can move through it and moisture can evaporate through it), easy to clean (it’s machine washable), absorbent, versatile ( there’s tons of different kinds of cotton materials and garments), it’s good for people with allergies or skin sensitivities The cons are that it doesn’t hold dye really well so it fades overtime and can also bleed while being washed. It wrinkles, it can shrink in hot water, especially the first time it’s washed. The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable. And the environmental cons are that it needs a lot of water to grow. It’s also usually bleached and chemically treated and dyed. Cotton also has one of the highest pesticide uses for crops. And it’s generally GMO as well. But these two things are prevented by purchasing organic cotton. Next is Linen, and it’s another natural material It comes from the flax plant and it was used all the way back in ancient Egypt.And linen as a fibre is: breathable, durable, lightweight, absorbent, it’s generally very cool and good for summer time, I also read that it’s antimicrobial but I wasn’t able to find very much in-depth information to back that up The cons are that is wrinkles easily It often requires gentler or hand washing and sometimes there is fake linen or ‘linen look’ material so you have to be careful of that. The environmental pros are that it requires little pesticides and water to grow, especially compared to cotton. And it is biodegradable. And the cons are that it can sometimes be dyed with toxic chemicals but it depends on how it’s made. Another plant fibre is hemp. And it comes from the cannabis plant but a type that’s only used for hemp production. And as a fibre it is: durable, absorbent, it becomes softer with wear and washing, it’s breathable and it can also be hypoallergenic.The cons are that it can sometimes be rough, it wrinkles and different countries sometimes have very strict laws around growing and processing hemp. So there are difficulties around that with hemp fabric production. The environmental pros are that it doesn’t require pesticides or lots of water to grow, It doesn’t deplete nutrients from the soils so it’s a really good crop. It is biodegradable and because it’s very durable the garments usually last long And for environmental cons, I really couldn’t find anything. It’s basically seen as being the most eco-friendly material. Then there’s polyester, which is likely the most common synthetic fibre.It’s made from petrochemicals and is: wrinkle resistant, durable, it dries quickly it’s colourfast, it’s machine washable it tends to retain it’s shape well and it’s cheap. The cons are that it doesn’t breathe which can also cause it to become smelly, it builds up static and it can also irritate the skin. An environmental pro is that it can be recycled but this does require another chemical process. And the environmental cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, fibres come off of it when it’s being washed and those end up polluting the ocean, it’s energy intensive and very polluting to make, toxic chemicals are used to make it and it’s also very difficult to dye which requires a lot of chemicals.Then we have wool. Wool is a natural protein fibre like your hair. And it mainly comes from sheep but can also come from alpacas, goats and other animals. Wool as a fibre is: very warm (it’s even warm when wet), water resistant, durable, very absorbent, flame resistant and hypoallergenic. The cons are that it shrinks in hot water, it must be hand washed or dry cleaned, it can pill and depending on the kind of wool, it can be itchy or irritating to the skin. The environmental pros are that it’s easily dyed, which usually means there are less harsh chemicals used, it’s biodegradable and because it’s very durable it means that the garment will usually wear really well and can be kept for a long time.The environmental cons are that because it comes from an animal there are issues and concerns around the treatment and care and wellbeing of those animals. And I will talk more about that in part two. Toxic chemicals and pesticides can also be used and this can be avoided by looking for organic wool. Next is acrylic which is a synthetic petrochemical fibre. It was developed to be a man made alternative to wool and it is: lightweight, soft, colourfast, machine washable and cheap. The cons are that it tends to pill easily it doesn’t breathe, it builds up static. For the environmental pros, I really couldn’t find anything. And the cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s not easily recycled, there are toxic chemicals used to make it, it’s energy intensive and again fibres wash off of it that end polluting the oceans.Then there’s silk which is a natural protein fibre. It comes from the cocoon of the silk worm. And it is: very soft, it has a natural sheen, it’s lightweight has a good drape, so it generally looks very nice in clothing and it’s often good for very sensitive skin. The cons are that it’s expensive, it requires hand washing or dry cleaning, it’s not very durable and it’s susceptible to discolouration from sunlight or perspiration.The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable, and it dyes very easily. And the environmental cons are that the silk worms are actually killed in the process of harvesting the silk from the cocoons so it is not at all an ethical or vegan material. Next is nylon another synthetic made from petrochemicals It was developed to be a synthetic replacement for silk. And it is: strong, weather resistant, versatile, water repellent, machine washable, it dries quickly and it’s cheap. The cons are that some types of nylon build up static, it can irritate skin The environmental pros are that it is a pretty durable material so the garment will usually last a long time And for the cons, like with polyester, fibres come off when it’s washed that end up polluting the oceans, toxic chemicals are used to make it, there are a lot of harmful emissions, it’s energy intensive and it’s not biodegradable.Then there’s spandex, also called elastane or lycra. It’s a very elastic fibre also made from petrochemicals. And it’s usually found blended with other fibres. It is: stretchy, it helps clothes retain their shape, and it can help with fit. The cons are that it breaks down over time, it can also become brittle and yellow. The environmental pros are that it can help make clothes not stretch out and the environmental cons are that it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s energy intensive and polluting to make and toxic chemicals are used.Finally there’s a few naturally derived synthetic fibres. The first I’ll talk about is rayon and it’s primarily made from a wood pulp that goes through a chemical process. And as a fibres it’s: soft, inexpensive, absorbent, anti-static, (unlike other synthetic materials), The cons are that it’s not very durable, it tends to pill, it wrinkles, it loses strength when wet and can easily become misshapen and it also shrinks very easily. I actually couldn’t really find any environment pros for rayon except for the fact that it uses less toxic chemicals than other synthetics but there’s still toxic chemicals, so I still see that as a con. Because it’s a wood pulp it can contribute to deforestation and it’s energy intensive to make. There’s also bamboo and the majority of bamboo is actually bamboo viscose or a bamboo rayon And countries have different laws about whether or not it has to be labeled as viscose derived from bamboo or a bamboo rayon. But basically it’s the same process as rayon but instead of using wood pulp, they use bamboo.And as a fibre it is soft, breathable, very absorbent, and also doesn’t build up static. The cons are that like rayon, some bamboo fabrics will pill really easily and I like I mentioned different countries will have different rules as how it’s supposed to be labeled so that can be confusing. The environmental pros are that bamboo is very renewable to grow and requires little water and pesticides.And the cons are that there are still toxic chemicals used to make the material, and it’s energy intensive. And the last fibre I’m going to talk about is lyocell or tencel. And it’s another naturally derived synthetic made from wood pulp. And it is: soft, very absorbent, resistant to wrinkles, versatile, durable, breathable, anti-static and also claims to be hypoallergenic. The cons are that it can pill easily and also sometimes needs special care. The environmental pros are that it is biodegradable, It’s made in a closed loop system so the chemicals are recycled. And it’s much less toxic to produce than other synthetics and natural synthetics like rayon. The cons are that it is still uses quite a bit of energy to produce and because it does come from wood pulp it could also contribute to deforestation but overall it is the most environmentally friendly synthetic material.So of course there are also other materials than the ones I’ve mentioned and you’ll also likely find a lot of blends. And blends can combine the benefits of both materials but it can also negate some of them. For example, a polyester/cotton blend will mean that the item is no longer biodegradable. As you’ve probably noticed, no material is perfect. And it’s just about trying your best to make informed decisions and also choosing the right materials for the function of the garment. I personally try to stick with natural materials for both comfort and environmental reasons. But it doesn’t make sense all the time. For example with swimwear, it makes much more sense to have something that doesn’t absorb water and dries quickly. So I hope you’ve found this interesting and maybe learned something. Please let me know in the comments if they are any pros or cons that I missed. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one..