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为生活添一抹淡雅绿意,用砍下的竹子制些物件儿——竹沙发 Bamboo Sofa|Liziqi channel

Go away to dry for 5 days entrance left – Granny, do you think this furnishings I made appears just right? – very good! Dried Mugwort Granny Come, that is for you, drink some tea Do you believe this pillow I embroidered looks just right? – Very fine. – quite? Haaa….

(笋)Best Time of Year to Comsume Juicy and Tender Bamboo Shoots; Pick As Much As You Like|Liziqi

– just right lamb~ You will not be hot after sheared – You gonna a lot cooler after sheared – Cooler, proper? You are a nice and smooth lamb little one now Water bamboo shoot Medium boiled Salted in a single day Soaking in bloodless water Drying bamboo shoots[ use bamboo sticks to make a shelf, light fire underneath, flip it frequently during the drying ] Spicy bird with bamboo shoots Pork& bamboo shoots Shumai chinese sauerkraut& bamboo shoots stir-fry stored in a dry place, Sealed tight Ginger/ Garlic/ Bean paste Pickled 1 week, sealed tight One week later Morning Time to consume~ Rinse the bamboo shoot well beneath water 1 hour fermentation Dry bamboo shoot prepare dinner well, then soak in cold water Szechuan peppercorn bamboo shoot Meat filling/ bamboo shoot/ shiitake/ Scallion Sesame oil/ Salt/ Soy sause, vinegar/ Egg white Dry bamboo shoot& cured ham stir-fry Dragon’s beard bamboo shoot& Silkie chook soup – devour bun~Pork& Dry bamboo shoot Bun