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Studio Apartment Tour | Atlanta

[intro music] hi there everybody, thanks a lot for becoming a member of me on my channel today My title is Melody and we are going to be doing a long-awaited up-to-date apartment tour. So I moved into this area almost a year in the past Which is crazy time has flowed by means of so quickly. I suppose love it’s the ultimate time to variety of exhibit you guys around the position I suppose like for probably the most phase everything is how I like it. Of path, there’s at all times gonna be little things they want to exchange however i am rather happy with how the whole thing came together. In case you are serious about an updated condo tour and hold on watching and that i even have linked the whole lot that i will be able to find within the description box under but when I omit some thing, simply comment and i will try to get you that hyperlink and with out further ado Let’s hop into it.Alright, so right here we’re via the entrance door So while you first walk in, that is kind of simply what you see. Over right here i’ve three hooks that I bought from target and that i simply grasp up the things I grasp most traditionally once I leave. IE my keys and my jacket. And then if we swing round over here, that is where I maintain the trash, also the place I preserve identical to Miscellaneous cleaning merchandise and matters like that and then if we appear down we now have our shoe rack. So proper now my boyfriend is in town, so because of this it is overflowing with shoes however on the whole I simply try to kind of preserve what I put on essentially the most in general right here Does this rug proper here is from Ikea and i’ve one other one within the kitchen.So let’s spin round and get into the kitchen So it is a area that has come along Slowly. I did not rather know how I wanted to like embellish so what i tried to do is just convey in some greenery on account that i really like greenery. So over here we just have just the fridge and then over right here We just have some oven stuff from Ikea. My boyfriend’s blender Which he used to be sort enough to provide m. We’ve a slicing board some greenery, espresso maker, after which this is certainly like a colossal mug that I painted with my friends again in Orlando. The stove top, of course. We have now some olive oil, lovable little salt and pepper shakers, Which i like. I actually not too long ago just obtained this. I felt like I wanted a container to preserve my utensils in and that i determined this in the 5-dollar part of target, so that is invariably a win. This bowl is from Homegoods. This frother is from Amazon. After which I just have some cords and stuff over here. I wish to charge my Airpods in the kitchen. That probably form of bizarre, however you understand, that is just the place I wish to have them.And then of path we’ve the sink correct right here I find it irresistible cuz it has this Extendo thing, you understand what I imply? Alright , so that is the kitchen and it let’s swing around and do the residing area that is an outline of my living space and honestly, i like this area. The ceilings are so high, I get a lot usual light. Every day I get up..I am similar to ahhh. I like it. So let’s go over a couple of things First we now have this along with your wicker basket this is from Homegoods and that i simply have a style of throw blankets over here. I have a plant and it is from hobby foyer and this strong planter I located at goal. It was the satisfactory deal ever y’all thirty bucks! Okay. I not too long ago discovered it I was once so hype. I have been wanting a relatively tall planter like this. So yes God used to be watching out once I stumbled upon that in goal.We’ve my Media Console in this is from Wayfair. And i have kind of simply embellished with little matters from my travels and digital camera matters like that. So yeah, we’ve this HomeGoods Marshalls, and that is from goal. And then if you guys need to swing round a bit bit. We’ll go over the sofa So that is my couch I bought it from Ikea and i’ve decorated it with a number of distinct pillows from Homegoods. Homegoods, goal. This throw blanket is from Homegoods as good. This one is from Homegoods , this pillow. After which this mighty laptop stand is from Ikea. So this rug I recently purchased and it is from rugs usa. I love that it is fuzzy and soft and white nevertheless it has the grey, that variety of ties in the sofa. So over right here we just have a super common gentle. This one is from goal. To be sincere, I simply don’t know what style of lighting i would like in here so should you guys have any suggestions or any suggestions, please let me be aware of.After which we have now this full length reflect I bought this from Ikea and i like it. I consider like this is type of the celebrity of the dwelling room. We’ve like books sknfsa [can’t say shelf lol] why can not I say that?? My e-book shelf. There we go. Ok, so let’s go into this bookshelf a little bit extra i’ll go over where I acquired all my little trinkets. So starting up here that is absolutely a salt shaker, but I noticed it it i am hobby lobby and that i idea it was tremendous cute.All these are from interest lobby. My books which i’ve organized right into a colour formation. It think it looks rather beautiful. And here i have two baskets which can be from Ikea that is from pastime foyer, pastime foyer and certainly painted this, it used to be a brown frame and i painted it black. Oh, this is a plant that my boyfriend bought me a yr ago! And i have not killed it, y’all it’s nonetheless alive. It’s thriving find it irresistible honestly has grown so, a lot. So if we swing round over right here, These are the bookshelves that I put it myself. And you would become aware of.. Hmm they’re kind of crooked. Do not focal point too tough on that. But yeah it’s. This one is crooked. And that i sort of just put a bit hodgepodge of matters over right here and have no idea exactly what to do with this subject. I’ve these portions of artwork that I purchased from Society6, but I shouldn’t have frames for yet. My sister-in-law went to Columbia for her bachelorette occasion and she bought me.That my boyfriend recently obtained me that. This was a going away reward. And this is a photo in my household. So it is quite lovely after which it is a mask that I got from Ghana! And then because it is a studio space essentially, it’s all open. So we’re right here after which now… We’re in my place of work! Whoa that occurred speedily! So that is my place of job or like my computing device, now that i am working from home, that is some thing that i am utilizing far more than I used to. The whole lot i have here is particularly stuff that I had at work. So normally, I wouldn’t have this special stuff out right here. However in view that i’m working from dwelling, I do. My work desktop my keyboard, i have a mouse pad and mouse and like one other little wrist thing and then I wish to maintain some lotion on my desk. My fingers get fairly dry and i hate the sensation of dry palms.That is from Ikea and then my chair is from Ikea as well. So right here we’re in my bed room. And this can be a space that has just lately began coming together. I began somewhat gallery at the same time up right here. Granted, it is just two things up to now, but it’s coming alongside. The art work is from Society6 and the frame is from Michael’s. And then the other snapshot frame is from goal, and that i find it irresistible. Here is my mattress. My mattress is a Lull mattress and also you guys mainly know that in the event you watched my fashioned empty condo tour. My bedding is from Ikea, my sheets are from goal and this little man is a up to date reward from my boyfriend for our anniversary. This pillow is from goal and truthfully at all I wanted to do once I first noticed it was just like pet it.It is so soft. So I bought it simply so I might have something tender on my bed. This nightstand over here is the matching set for the mattress and is from Ikea. And this picture body finds nothing in it yet, i am looking to come to a decision which snapshot I want to have in it. I discovered this little guy a Polaroid of my boyfriend and i. This diffuser was a Christmas reward from my pal Erika, so thank you Erika. And then right here we have now a fig tree.I feel like she’s very cute. She is from passion lobby. And then down right here, her stand is from Homegoods. And this rug clearly was in my living room and i moved it over right here to the bed room because I suppose love it simply variety of made the bedroom suppose a little extra homey, and carry it some lifestyles, some colour. So that is something new over here. We even have my imaginative and prescient board for 2020, which i’m very excited to work on this year. And then this piece of artwork is from goal.It’s very random. Honestly, i am often going to take it down nevertheless it just variety of used to be right here so i’ve it up right here. So over right here we now have my dresser and on prime i have similar to a mirror on the wall. So i will decide upon out the jewellery I wish to wear. I have an overflowing jewelry dish. I desperately want like some thing to maintain my jewellery, i’m looking for some thing. For those who guys have any suggestions, please let me be aware of. Beneath i’ve this adorable little cactus I suppose it’s from Homegoods. So that is sincerely my dresser. I do know I’ve obvious some persons use this as like office organization, however for me I wanted anything that was tall and thin for my house in view that it’s all open being a studio.And that i particularly wanted something to identical to match in this nook. And that is what I observed. This is from Ikea and truthfully, it gets the job executed. No complaints at all. So that is sincerely all the dwelling space. We went from the living room into the bedroom and then we stroll through this hallway we are going to be going to my bathroom. So let’s do it So this hallway is what leads again to the kitchen and also to the bathroom proper right here that is the place the washer and dryer is. I’m not going to show it considering the fact that it can be literally a disaster.Correct right here is where my walk-in closet is. Again, not going to show it on account that it’s literally a catastrophe. However I do need to movie a video style of exhibit you guys how I wish to organize it And it’s without doubt a work in development So in case you guys are occupied with a closet organization video, let me be aware of. And then let’s get into the lavatory. That is my toilet house. I have a lot counter top area! I find it irresistible. I find it irresistible. I’ve this amazing organizational twirly thing, my brother and sister-in-law obtained this for me for Christmas that is from Ikea after which these little beauty Blender holders are from Amazon that is simply an ancient mason jar.I have my skincare stuff out correct here i’ve some hand soap and that is the sink. Of course So what I fairly wish to do in right here used to be simply tie in like wood like kind of tie in That light timber color that we’ve occurring everywhere else. I have this piece of art that I obtained from interest lobby and then over the toilet, we now have wicker basket essentially what what I name it a container that holds the necessary things for the toilet. So that is essentially the bathroom. Let’s convey it around again and then that is relatively it! Thanks a lot for striking out with me in these days, and i hope you loved in this updated apartment tour again, the whole lot that I mentioned on this video, i am going to try to link below but when I overlooked whatever Let me understand within the comments and i’m going to be certain to ship you over a hyperlink.If you haven’t subscribed already be certain to. Hit that like button! And i’ll see you in my next video guys. Peace!.