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PANTRY GOALS! Shop & Organize With Me!

(gentle tune) – good day guys, it’s Raven. Welcome again to a further vlog. Just pulled as much as Ikea. I am with my mother. In these days we’re tackling thekitchen, as a rule the pantry. So I instructed you guys I’mgonna be vlogging a lot of this approach of unpacking, organizing, decorating, gettingstuff for the new house and in these days is all about the pantry/kitchen, like I simply said. So i want a few little bits andbobs as they say within the UK– – [Grammy] i am clashing – For my, what? – i am clashing, purple high and pink purse.- Very summer competent. But yeah, i would like a couple of littlethings for the kitchen, like the genuine kitchenand then most likely I just need a bunch of containers, baskets, jars. I am trying to make a Pinterest pantry, Instagram pantry. I’ll insert some thought pics right here of what i’m talking about. Basically just seeking to make my pantry look all flawlessly prepared and , just aesthetically pleasing you already know. Doin’ essentially the most truthfully, but due to the fact i have that enormous pantry, i’m like, I might as wellmake it appear excellent you understand. So the first stop isIkea on account that they have plenty of just right kitchen stuff. Truly, I wanna getstuff like this, you realize.Stuff like this. – I saw these little spice jars. These are type enormous. I was once looking for some smaller ones– – [Raven] Spice jars. – [Grammy] Put the spice jars on, suggest you set thespice jars on a little, I call them stair steps. The little tiered thing, however you only have about 12 spices so– – [Raven] What you tryin’ to assert? (laughing) – 12 is excellent. I still wouldn’t wanna pay– – [Raven] this is $four.99 for a p.C.. – [Grammy] So hold those in intellect, however there’s another ones. – [Raven] i don’t thinkI need any longer of those ‘intent I already acquired thoseother properties from residence items. Ok, that is the jackpot section that we have got to be in. Bought all of the jars andcontainers and matters.We want the jars with the lids. This doesn’t have lids. How do you open it? Uh oh. – [Grammy] Bamboo onesare kinda lovely, however– – [Raven] Yeah. $3 – [Grammy] i do not like that– – [Raven] Two p.C. For a way much? $2.99? – [Grammy] correct, I’msaying get 12 of these and we are going to empty your spices in there and then label them. – [Raven] okay. Oh those are the jars with the lids. Okay, so six of those to make 12, or what number of, how many spices, ‘rationale I additionally wanna go grocery browsing, or like pantry shopping to get, you understand because the chef, what number of spices? – I mean, normal spices, 12 to fifteen, and you’ve got about 12 andyou have all the normal stuff.Is that this competitively priced though, by the point you purchase six of those? – [Raven] I mean, Amazonmight have a bulk %? – they don’t even have shakers. – [Raven] Oh, that’s now not just right. – [Grammy] I imply, I don’tuse my shakers quite, i exploit a measuring spoon, however– – [Raven] i take advantage of a shaker. And this type of closure is demanding. I will be able to foresee myselfbreakin’ nails on this. I would, if whatever, I wouldstick with the basic ones with the little lids like this. Special sizes, like, thiscould be for spaghetti, and then like, different type of pasta, penne pasta. These are lovely with the bamboo lids and they’re like $three. $three – $4. Certainly prettier than just your traditional ziplock tupperwareplastic with he crimson lid, or the blue lid. It’s all in regards to the aesthetic. – So, what do you call it? Earth pleasant? – [Raven] Eco friendly? – Eco friendly when you consider that they’re bamboo– – [Raven] now not plastic. – And glass. Won’t discolor like plastic will. – [Raven] Like when youhave a plastic factor and it will get that bizarre greasymark that is not going to go away.- [Grammy] red from the spaghetti sauce. (easygoing track) So we’re in Costco now. Got here to get some bulkitems for the pantry, but additionally, my mother is buyingme a housewarming reward, a brand new set of pots and pans. – [Grammy] Woohoo! – [Raven] I wanted a hose,some household essentials. Oh, I need a blender. – [Grammy] it is a Ninja1000 but which you could additionally, we’re also going to bed tub & beyond. – [Raven] Yeah k, let’s simply wait. Now, we’re on the mattress,the bath, and the past. We’ve been going right here,there and in all places looking for the excellent matters– – [Grammy] on the ultimate rate. – Saving money I shard work. You gotta go here, there, in all places. Go to every store, evaluate costs. Good if its not the right fee, you go her, force there. By the point you lower your expenses on the object, you carried out spent your entire money on gasoline.Confidently this is thelast situation we must go. – [Grammy] No. – it’s now not? Oh yeah, we must goto The Container store. I forgot we failed to even go there but. K, that is the 2d to final position. – [Grammy] we’d like a blender. – Blender, knives set and might be some containers that they have got here. I was gonna get a newKeurig given that i do not like my blue one due to the fact of the colour, but then I was once like, myMom has a black Keurig, so what if I simply exchange with my mother, on account that I want a black oneto go along with my aesthetic. Oh here’s a Vitamix. This like giant smoothie retailer. That is like– – [Grammy] i might saybefore I purchased the Vitamix, i would get the blender. – [Raven] Ah, i’m going to justwat on the blender. You mentioned don’t get the onethe is available in a block, why? – I imply, as a step upfrom what you’re using. – [Raven] i have liketwo knives from Walmart, that’s about it, but if it’s gonna be ina block it has to check, so I decide upon the light colored timber.I just need somethingbasic, like this is $fifty nine. – [Grammy] I imply, youknow, if you hate it, which you could get extra knives next year. – [Raven] Salt 18 piece. I imply that appears respectable. These are the O-X-O, OXO containersthat my mother recommends for pantry objects. $a hundred, that’s $10 a bit. – appear at this, theywant $21 just for this. – [Raven] I imply I consider like I could use the entire 10 piece set. – [Grammy] Oh, there you go. – Yeah $99.99. Final stop: The Container store. That is the place i am gonnabe spending the gigantic bucks, but this is the place they obtained all of the stuff. Oohh see, look howsatisfying this retailer is. Very great. So i’m nonetheless watching for baskets. Like usual baskets and wire baskets. Oh, these are in reality cheaper. – [Grammy] And that is $9.74. – [Raven] there’s a recheaper and they’re on sale.After which i want spicejars, spice rack crisis. – i’d put like,little packets of chips. – [Raven] These are $16. That is the ultimate measurement. Now I suggestion The ContainerStore was gonna have a plethora of everything I wanted, but might be i am just too picky. See, Virgo issues. I have an designated vision inmy head of what i want.The distinct colour, dimension,texture, the whole lot, and then i attempt to goto he store to search out it and it can be like, that doesn’t exist. Dang. – Do you you adore these? – [Raven] Yeah, I say justget two of those, or three. – Three. – [Raven] o.K., so farI am discovering some stuff. Baskets, clear containers, some jars down there. I’ve already got a basket stuffed with commonly like $200 valued at of stuff. These matters are so high priced. I imply i guess it’s, I don’t know, that’s simply how much these things charges, but the whole lot is like $12 every, $20 each and every, so yeah, not a low-priced factor to do. Crammed up a entire basketplus more stuff overflowing.I’m afraid to look whatthis complete is gonna be, however I suppose we received everything now. Ok, finally residence and donewith searching for the day. That took much more work and way longer than I anticipated. It is just about 9pm right now. Got here dwelling, had dinner, unloaded all the stuff that I bought. So here is a quick overviewof the whole thing that I purchased, so we went to Ikea, mattress bath & beyond, T.J. Maxx but did not endup getting at T.J. Maxx, and Container store. However I believe like $200 ateach of the four locations. Like I’ve spent far more moneythen I expected to spend, but it surely’s on account that I wasn’treally seeking to get the most cost effective thing.Like most likely I didn’tgo to the dollar retailer, or anything like that, but that is considering that I quite had a exact look that I was going for and my mother had targeted strategies on the types of containersthat particularly are the fine to retailer meals in, so i ended up spending a lot of money. However at the same time, I did also get a number of little further thingsthat aren’t necessarily for the pantry, however anyhow obtained a bunch of baskets, jars, a lazy Susan, packing containers like this, glass jars like this with the bamboo lids, wooden turntable, more baskets, drawer liners, stuff for thekitchen to go in the drawers, more glass containerswith the bamboo lids.I did get some bulk papertowels at Costco as good, bulk dishwasher stuff, my mom purchased me thisset of pots and pans, bulk fruit snacks. Costco had sheets for a excellent fee so I obtained sheets for myking dimension mattress, two sets. Wire baskets, extra containers, extra glass containers with the bamboo lids and extra glass jars. These two glass jarsand I forgot that I also got my knife set as wellat bed bath & past. Oh and that i thoroughly forgot the friggin’ $a hundred set of plastic containers. That most likely introduced up the overall spending at present as well. However whilst,I nonetheless didn’t even get the whole lot that i need due to the fact I failed to want up getting the spicejar, spice rack difficulty. I suppose i’m gonna haveto order these on Amazon and i didn’t get a blender, which I wouldn’t have ablender, i would like a type of. However, we’re already halfway into this undertaking, so we’re gonna preserve going and it can be gon seem good at the finish of it.So i’ll see you guys the following day. Okay, so it is day two and now it is time to without a doubt get to organizing. So my mother is here to help and of path, i’m having my mom aid me, in case you are wondering,on the grounds that my mom now not simplest is a kitchen, cooking character, so she knows about kitchensupplies and things, however she also is an organizingtype person as well. Label making– – [Grammy] Organizing queen! – Organizing queen, excuse me. The 1st step. – I think we will have to move all this, clear all of this out, and due to the fact your pantry’s so colossal, we don’t have to virtually take it out. We will just transfer it to the aspect after which we’re gonna established the containers the place you think they look nicest, after which label each container with what you suppose you are gonna put in ’em.- [Raven] in order mu pantrygoes the entire manner round, i’m often for now, just planning on constructing this again walland now not really traumatic concerning the sides. I imply, we are going to see how it ends up being, however i’m lovely sure i’m only gonna barely have sufficient to fill upthis again wall anyway. (upbeat song) okay, so now we are quickly labeling what we suppose we’re gonnause every container for. So undoubtedly, some ofthem are more apparent, like that is for spaghetti, however this is like rice, flour, sugar, that one’s gonna be brown sugar. Simply to get an notion ofhow this is gonna go, hi there! So we’re just doing this primary to sort of get an idea and makesure I absolutely have the correct containers for everything, and how it’s gonna appear ‘purpose I could must order some more stuff on Amazon. So ok, for illustration, granola bars– – Like for example she had luggage of chips like that.Bagged stuff would go in there. I believe that these will have to keep on the backside row. This, whatever you make a decision to place in there, will have to keep on the backside row. With the snacks that i purchase for Zya, these will both be crammed up with snacks, and this wishes a basket. – k, so after kinda reasonably arranging and seeing what I wannaput in each and every container. Of course we now have discovered that i am missing some containers,so i have some stuff that simply doesn’t, likewe did not buy a basket, we failed to buy ample baskets, failed to buy sufficient jars. I felt like a purchased a lot stuff. I notion, I reallythought I was once gonna have too many containers,but i’m lacking some, so I most likely suppose Ineed at the least one or two more of these smaller baskets. I would need anotherone of these for snacks. I absolutely want one or two of these smaller ones for snacks. I want whatever that’sgoing to control canned just right. Like some style of littlestack-y shelf factor, or basket or whatever for canned items. Couple of alternative containers forstuff I didn’t suppose about.I have quite a lot of teabagsand these emergency little packet thingsthat need a container. My manufacturer new fancy set of pots that my mom bought me. That is essentially whatI had from my historic set. (bouncy music) ok so I ordered someof the additional containers that I nonetheless wanted on Amazon, so i am ready for that to come in, but my mom just took a different go back and forth to The Container retailer to getsome extra of those baskets. So we have a good amountof stuff to work with. Correct now I believe likewe might start clearly filling it up with meals and arranging it how we want it to appear on the shelves after which we have got to makelabels for these matters. (bouncy tune) So for all of thecontainers that i am clearly gonna put like, meals, like unfastened food. Like, packed food would not topic, however flour, sugar, things like that, continuously be definite to clean out your containers before you place meals in them.(gentle music) So it is now day threeI consider, of this undertaking and proper now we areon the step of creating custom labels and also you knowwe was gonna escape the cricut machine. So my mom brought over thecricut desktop over here, hooked it as much as thecomputer that’s in right here and this is the font. So printing it on to this black vinyl. Decided to go for blacklettering as a substitute of white just on account that I think likefor most of the jars, the black will show up higher.(lively music) So we obtained these from The Container retailer. They’re mainly madeto go on the baskets. They’re like little clips like this, like so, and which you can write on it with chalk, or a chalkboard marker, or i am looking to come to a decision ifI wanna do this with white and print these out and stick ’em on here, but then you definitely won’t be ableto like, rather change it that effortlessly in case you wanna exchange it. So simply picked up some pantry groceries, essentials, to go ahead and fill up all of my brand new containers and simply inventory up on the whole thing that i would quite often use. Rapid little grocery haul. Acquired some spices for my new spice jars simply from the bulk spice part, simply to get the detailed amount that I wanted of some thing extra spices or refills from what I already had here. I had a decent variety of simply random spices from extraordinary brands, butjust kinda wanna fill ’em up in the pleasant new jars. Also plan on cooking alot extra on this new residence with my new kitchen, so simply wanted to stock up on some extra stuff that maybe Ihaven’t in most cases been utilising, however I really need to begin utilizing.Brown sugar, powdered sugar. Stocking up on more rice,rice and jasmine rice. Got ordinary white sugar, flour,once more, to fill up the jars, gluten free spaghetti, veggie spaghetti. Got Zya some extra mac and cheese cups. Apple sauce packs, strawberry and normal. I exploit these for her lunch for institution. Some oatmeal cups that Ialways eat for breakfast. I needed extra baking powder. After which just a bunch of canned goods. Just once more, to stock up on. I don’t always have plans in my head of particular recipes thatI’m gonna make this week to make use of all these items, however on account that they arenon-perishable pantry gadgets, you would as well simply stock up on a number of one-of-a-kind kindsjust to have available. Received some red potatoes for the potato bin and a few onions for the onion bin, some little bags of chips and popcorn, and little luggage of Goldfish, so i’m gonna go aheadand put these items away and then we’re gonna putthe completing touches on all the labeling andthen we must be achieved! Oh, and i bought water bottles to inventory up this basket.Oh my god, that is so pleasant! A 24 p.C. Of water bottlesfits flawlessly in this basket. These are the things thatbring me joy in existence. (bouncy track) So I cleaned up my kitchen and put away all my new objects, and now it can be time forthe ultimate pantry divulge. (vigorous track).

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