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Concierge Collection 4piece 400TC Cotton Tencel Sheet Set

Announcement for you at product peculiarly designed only for you that is arising on the finish of the hour about one hundred forty i would not say tune out and tune back in but if you are a CPAP user or someone who is supply them a call inform them tune in at one hundred forty for an extraordinarily targeted and really main announcement just for you now this is just for everybody who wants the high-quality night time’s sleep slightly improve a pop to your bed that is Ellen Bunner that’s now not what every body desires well we all need a little Ellen Bunner in our lives however these sheets Ellen the sheets now I simply looked up 10 promote sheets yeah i’ve a king-size bed $300 no funny story $300 and that was now not at like a great ritzy store or used to be just at that general you recognize common division store that you would go to for sort of something and sort of fine prices $300 we now have the quality fee you’re going to search out no longer simply on tensile which is a natural fiber however cotton cotton and tencel which makes them just a little more wrinkle resistant soft and high-priced like a liquid cotton for 39.95 and here at HSN that cost is just right for any dimension twin full queen king california king I failed to even cost the California king tensile she’s oh wow they’d them in a position exactly we have now obtained each size we’ve got received attractive colors will explain to you what makes tencel so high priced they consider like your most luxurious best possible rely cotton threads it’s all-common you are not getting anything man-made it’s all traditional nevertheless it feels like a dream and of course you are gonna have fine dreams as well they’re lovely they usually fairly are so that you can get these residence for simply wait is that proper $7.Ninety nine at present that’s crazy k I had to check and okay they may be on clearance and these had been a really trendy sheet actually i know a lot of you could have purchased them after we had them as a latest detailed for a lot greater than 30 no extra units for the reason that these are these are in my prime 10 of all time of the sheets that we’ve accomplished 65 percentage cotton 35% tencel which is actually derived from eucalyptus so it can be an all average fiber and then we have lovely colors here i will take you through that is your sage green this is that taupe it is like a champagne gold we have now that wonderful aqua one on the again yeah we have now the gray i have this one in grey I love it and the white one other first-class ideal white sheet the blue the red with the sort of luster I imply all these colours are so lovely the lavender and i know this one’s particularly limited that is your yellow love that one k I must will let you comprehend we now have one last day with a very precise clearance offer if you happen to purchase two units of these sheets will ship them to you for free we have now a clearance offer where if you happen to spend $seventy five or more on clearance every clearance object will ship to you at no cost so two sets of sheets and that’s excellent right that superb updates once you get one set you’re on no account gonna need to be without them they wash and dry like a dream as well so again for those who simply pop two units of those sheets we will be able to ship them to you totally free underneath $forty a collection it’s not relevant what measurement you choose you even if you wish to take advantage of that clearance the the clearance transport deal and get free shipping that you would be able to nonetheless put them on 5 flex it can simplest be $sixteen oh gosh yes you place well these are absolutely main bedroom satisfactory sheets however at this fee factor now could be the time to believe about what sheets you will have in your guestroom what do you’ve for your fold-out sofa your air mattress what’s for your children beds and what are you giving for items this excursion season luxurious sheets take advantage of extra special reward and that’s precisely what these are this is the primary time we did an all-usual combination we surely launched these in March and why we did that is we took sixty five percentage cotton fibers we delivered in that 35% tencel which tinsel is a usual fiber derived from timber pulp from like eucalyptus it can be very an identical in hand and points to bamboo so it’s a groovy cool very moisture wicking very lustrous and super delicate so if you’re a sensitive sleeper in the event you feel every little thread on your sheets you are going to love how soft and silky these are whilst those two fabrications complement every other so good while you have been price comparing one factor i’ll say this is from concierge assortment where an amazing manufacturer and i have not visible any individual do a blend like this and i love it considering that the cotton sincerely provides somewhat structure to the tencel fibers and the tencel provides that silky softness to the cotton it’s like the best marriage of fibers after which one more thing we did four hundred thread rely I want to talk about that I imply that’s doing relatively the sweet spot in the case of thread rely now once we speak about thread count is that the the cotton and the tencel collectively and then 400 thread depend yeah it can be the quantity of threads in a rectangular inch of material in order that recall 65 percentage of those are cotton then you might have the tencel fibers so a four hundred thread depend is gonna provide you with a fine hand a exceptional weight they may be not too mild they are now not too heavy however they’re long lasting you know alternatively of buying throwaway sheets specifically for visitor rooms and additional sheets buy quality sheets durable sheets that believe amazing that final you goodbye personal story I had one set of those as a sample once I was launching them I adored him so much I purchased myself a set and at any time when I get on the bed and again there and i just wash them in these days they’re a few of my favourite sheets and it can be in view that I knew I loved him sell 10 cells a kind of fibers that whilst you suppose it it’s so cool and silky and gentle after which we brought cotton to it so it can be it’s a excellent combo fairly is k in order you had mentioned the yellow is commencing to get limited we handiest have twin full and Queen within the yellow crimson can be very proud I consider we’re all accreting it is going to exchange and whatever that makes us believe fine with oh i can seem on the mattress you will discover the sheen do not you simply lengthy to reach out and touch this and we speak about luxury sheets ordinarily you would pay a luxury fee you even our common price at $sixty nine was an potent price good should you had been getting the king californ King gets one $49.99 at retail i might reach it well in the event you find it don’t forget this is a combo i have never noticeable I suppose it you are gonna really like it the opposite thing we did on these is we oversize some things which is quite main to pillowcases they may be genuinely oversize there a bit of bit longer slightly bit fuller in the physique so they’re gonna suit your pillows superbly and then the equipped sheet that is anything we mainly do on our geared up sheet however this one’s even slightly extra beneficiant correctly numerous you commented how much you like the match of those sheets the only grievance the sheets got is that they wrinkled however they’re all usual so that’s what occurs with the common fiber if you’re used to sound asleep with an artificial or a microfiber yeah these are all typical fibers so simply take them out of the dryer slightly quicker you may have bought an 18 inch lodging elastic all the means around look at the way these hugs the mattress and what you’ll see is although you have got a thinner mattress perhaps it is for the fold-out or if in case you have a thick air mattress you’re hanging these on they’re gonna match beautifully right make or ruin a sheet so we’re excellent yeah since my son his sheets come off normally it doesn’t matter what so I need to get the deeper sheets it’s best they are simplest $39.Ninety five in these days and that’s for twin full/queen king/california king select your favorite colour probably you simply want an update a pop on your mattress i like we’re displaying the white our makeup artist Kim and here in our effective makeup room she used to be like oh you realize what I needed a transformation I received all white I obtained white sheets white white curtains oh it’s just it is just that relatively refreshing type of crisp look and so handy to wash as good given that you just throw these within the desktop and the washer and the dryer but 3995 for any size is most likely unheard of an mighty deal and considering they may be clearance if you hate paying for transport howdy I do not know if any person’s like no I like it all you do is get two sets in these days and we are going to ship them to you free of charge they are part of our clearance delivery deal if you spend $75 or extra on clearance and it would be on any clearance we are going to ship it all to you at no cost so really handy solution to be able to get that truly you’re getting two for less than the price of 1 set particularly if you had been gonna get the king or the California king you cannot find these for not up to about one hundred fifty dollars however here you get to prefer anything color something size you want let us ship them to you on our dime whilst you spend $75 or extra that you can go forward and get on the phone and order that means or we will go to hsn.Com and order there as well six three 9 seven six 4 is your object number look on the new yeah i wonder damage the colours down for you so if you are thinking giftables or you’re thinking of your bedroom this can be a excellent time of yr to relatively evaluate what’s in your linen closet I realize it’s it’s funny what occurs to sheets like where do these come from what did they used to feel like white colour have been they it is a satisfactory time to improve for those who’ve been watching for a average material they’re costly and they’re tough to find so whilst you see a deal like this you need to get a number of sets this is your white and your taupe and your gray we have sort of a sea glass combo right here with the blue correct right here on prime the sage that relatively pretty aqua those are all just very tranquil spa colours after which love this combination right here with the pink the lavender appear how pretty that’s that looks so pretty with grey also after which of course your yellow I imply feel about should you’ve ever climbed into bed and you have not concept oh i love my sheets then you need to check out these since these are sheets that you will detect and you discover your sheets i am hoping it’s in an effective way proper she’s in a bad approach you want to be like these are so soft and i do know we’re going into fall and iciness I suppose with these sheets in view that they’re so smooth they called himself skin pleasant so within the iciness when you’re when your skin gets dry and tough and you wish to have something relatively delicate in opposition to it you’ll love how these suppose you relatively good by the way we do have pillowcases available quite often not in all of the colors i am simply gonna say they are getting very restricted we’ve got regular pillowcases they’re three greenbacks and thirty 9 cents curiosity free today 1695 we also have the king-sized pillowcases as good a suite of two for only eighteen ninety-five so we basically have sage lavender and yellow final in the pillowcases however at this fee you could get two sets of sheets fairly for the cost of 1 for the reason that you are saving $30 off of our low HSN cost of course these are distinguished there are concierge collection which is the exceptional of the best 39.95 when you have individuals coming over and you wish to have them to claim the place did you get these that’s exactly it that’s with tables that is what they’ll say and you recognize what else if you are a scorching sleeper try these when you consider that those little tencel fibers they’re very porous so not only are they cooling however they’re also moisture-wicking so these are gonna keep you extra cozy they may be smooth and silky I occur to believe they soften the cotton so it’s gonna think first-class on the begin after which it just will get higher I’ve washed mine a few times now they usually just get softer each single time seem at how beautiful once we showed we type of pointed out that style of liquid yeah and suppose these however they may be now not that wick there isn’t any like and that I think it can be hard to come back with the aid of proper yeah you’re no longer going to slag right out of that industrial you are gonna slide proper into bed though these are appears wait you are gonna love the best way that is it’s a particularly excellent year-circular weight yeah ok so if you’re on the cell go forward and keep there recall you are taking capabilities of that clearance transport fee when you spend $seventy five or more on clearance we’ll ship all of it to you at no cost and people are a part of that satisfactory occasion all right we have received a suit

Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

Nonetheless in the room with the Arlo however can i let you know these sheets are intellect-boggling retail value is practically a hundred and forty bucks so often after I’m stood subsequent to sheets on HSN I appear at our monitors and that i consider they don’t seem as just right on cameras they do in real lifestyles i am gonna take all that again these sheets seem as good on camera if no longer I imply guys an actual lifestyles viewpoint they are certainly as beautiful as they appear we launched these 24 hours in the past and they’ve been a significant hit everybody wishes bamboo for therefore many reasons individuals love the anti wrinkle and crinkle folks love the relief and luxurious and individuals like to sleep cooler this has cool plus built wherein implies that you are going to sleep two to three levels cooler at night Chelsey and that i purchased two sets and then I bought residence and he or she said spouse we simplest bought two sets so she purchased one other set good since I was on air within the rocky the producer bought three units we had like each person in the studio used to be like oh yeah I should get these I will have to get these the difference is is that we’re right here and in a position to contact and think it we are going to do our very great to convey how effective these are but you surely must go all in and buy a set of these sheets Ellen Bunner is here Ellen to take I imply on account that they you were not speculated to be you understand they known as me this morning due to the fact that this is the sort of gorgeous set of sheets and if you store with concierge assortment earlier than we now have sheets for everyone but it is a blend that we have now under no circumstances achieved nothing and what i like about it it can be for everyone who loves bamboo ran from bamboo it is luxury it is silky it has an first-rate drape and softness and coolness after which we brought cool plus which is a fiber that absolutely is perforated so exceed and wick moisture so it’s this combo that every person’s been searching for yes yeah and so they’re stunning gorgeous not the colours that we have now bought on here you’ll find taupe is 1,000,000 dollars correct what I such as you said you said it’s like a champagne toe my gosh Kashmir it quite is that is a perfect description due to the fact it’s not simply a run of the mill khaki no there may be nothing about this there’s natural after which the colour we paired it with everybody even people that do not most of the time get this colour is getting this we call it the dusty rose no longer Dusty Rhodes that’s a wrestler now not Dusty Rhodes dusty rose so these were those warm tones however then wait to see the mattress that has the cool tones with the blue and the silver grey so i am gonna run you by means of these there may be no longer a nasty one in the bunch well so it is no longer that this issues in any respect but we purchased the white we all support it is first-class it can be I constantly say a impartial and a colour however the neutrals are so lovely – so here is the white I mean even the white the drape the weight of those the silkiness here is the grey look at this grey it’s like a dove grapes like a silver it’s extra a silver than it is it and i’m going to inform you each host that I’ve done a show with lobbies and every producer the day gone by and all people on the crew that’s made the bed has purchased these for the reason that we considering the fact that they’re not average these are a hundred and fifty greenback sheets natural retail cost that we’re doing at forty nine ninety 5 with the five flex pay of direction which gets at dwelling however underneath $10 you realize it’s rough when the whole thing we present is so exotic however i hope you can see in my eyes and in in Ellen’s eyes these are further additional ordinary if which you could you must order and you realize what any individual just requested me up front that was once shopping these gold she stated i’m getting the King is that extra that is an extra new colour rakonin red ash so it is only a trace of colour like a light gentle lilac sure appear at it with it that is heavenly correct that is heavenly correct beautiful so there is that then this is the dusty rose that is on the mattress that is aqua now that is most of the time probably the most saturated color on this palette and these are additionally fade resistant sure as good as being cut down resistant so this colour you do not must shy far from this blue oh my gosh we’ve got this on the bed with the gray and it’s wonderful look at the luster that comes off of these sheets sage inexperienced an extra relatively pretty impartial after which of path there may be that oh if you want additional pillowcases we do have them in usual or Kings to ask your consultant about that I believe the article is Ellen we get quite a few humans you are not able to you want to go back to mattress you might have best simply bought up you wish to have to go back to mattress however persons perpetually want to find out about bamboo bamboo is viewed as like one of the vital satisfactory of the quality it’s and it can be very high priced proper this is rayon from bamboo so you capture various the qualities of bamboo that we like that being considered one of them the drape and the delicate silky hand these will be the softest sheets you might have ever felt and so they’re now not slippery so i am gonna ask me that they have got a great weight to them so these are fifty 5 percentage rayon from bamboo however just as pleasing is what it can be woven with and it can be woven with a man-made fiber known as cool plus and that fiber simply has microscopic slits through the fiber to make it breathable and moisture wicking so sizzling sleepers persons if you are snoozing on a hot mattress if it is simply scorching you realize each time you get into bed you get up with warmness buildup out of your sheets look at these sheets the cool plus relatively mirrors what the bamboo is already doing naturally considering bamboo is a porous fiber right that’s why it’s known for being breathable and moisture wicking and funky so this is best gonna add to that you’re getting more of what you wish to have it can be a wedding made in heaven proper particularly is so suppose about air float and moisture so i would like you to believe of this may you work out in a cotton t-shirt if I worked out now you believe about we consistently suppose of cotton is the most breathable and coolest correct but however this is twice as breathable and cool as cotton because this is really designed to wick heat and moisture so in the event you perspire instead of your sheets getting sticky and clammy and warmness buildup this without a doubt pulls the heat and moisture away and evaporates I consider like i am about to do a magic trick i’m style of in myself i will elephants going to appear from infants and then we gotta go to that blue vents you can find for those who can not choose watch colour on which colour you can do as many as you need all on flexpay you could purchase five colours and spend $50 plus tax considering that you can do with all of them on flex pay I i’m obsessive about the notion that we convey how excellent the sign I wish to say this I promise you that whilst you get this home while you get this residence while you open the box you are going to now not take them out and contact them and say what had been they speakme about this is sort of a natural set sheet I swear to you you hand hand on coronary heart as they are saying you can take this out and you’ll be able to go k these two loopy cats had been telling the reality this is the nicest best most steeply-priced softest most beautiful set of sheets you’ve ever seen or fell i do know that’s i know i am constructing this up and i do not care since it can be valued at every single penny I imply it’s so proper after I first felt them it was humorous you realize what I did I took them out of the package and that i my my loved ones used to be in the residing room and that i ran around and that i put it on i am like you need to suppose these i’m not kidding i’m like throwing the sheets over my loved ones participants on account that I want to mention too they are a 400 thread rely i know that is most important to numerous you guys so these are a luxury level however what’s different to love when you like cotton or you like microfiber that is some thing different proper we in no way achieved it however the weightiness sure isn’t as mild and wispy is a microfiber has a bit great hand but these are long lasting I want to touch on some thing else they may be wrinkle resistant they’re fade resistant they usually’re curb resistant and they do have a deep pocket let me exhibit you that real fast in view that if you are getting new mattress this weekend and we have now a exceptional one coming up are you doing doing probably you’re getting an extra size bed or you’ve a pillow high or a fiberbed 18 inch accommodation elastic all of the means round so these will match we’re gonna head over to our subsequent mattress incidentally if you wish to have the the American Dream Dusty Rhodes is popular this present day mistress it can be dusty rose not Dusty Rhodes I mean appear appear i know this doesn’t sell this I do not know this appears angelic her fit for human consumption look on the sheen within the luster off of this mattress I mean it’s quite lovely and you already know sheets are so principal correct you slip into them you slip underneath them you need them to last you wish to have them to be long lasting but you as a rule need them to be smooth it is soaking secure and so many humans bitch about warmth sure you already know we want to sleep cooler you sleep better that method you get up much less most commonly if you are at that targeted age i’m talking to the females available in the market and this warmth at night when you sleep becomes an issue if if we are able to help all of it with that I mean these are twice as moisture waking dry and cooling and comfy as a cotton sheet so that’s I suppose it can be humorous motive Ellen I was once saying excuse me we’re style of torn that is a tremendous story Ellen it’s sleep cooler to be extra cozy however you then combine it with the bamboo and you might have simply bought both pleasant reports after which the value I can’t the worth is top notch on this and i do know that’s a small a part of it however I imply it’s particularly the icing on the cake is just how cheap these are for what you are getting I imply for those who seem at for those who fee what’s available in the market oh I imply even our $79 cost tune is a satisfactory worth however well for those who do rate retailer and rate compare I imply in the event you seem on the side of your screen or now on the backside of your reveal what you can see is we wish to keep it relocating around keep you in your feet without it what you’ll be able to see is that you know retail value is upwards of 100 and forty dollars these are excessive excessive nice sheets I mean this is really top top-tier stuff so that you can buy sheets for all costs obviously but at $forty nine in the in the thirteen years i’ve been at HSN i’ve on no account stood subsequent to a suite of $forty nine sheets and felt the best way I do about these that’s why we ordered three sets the day gone by what a huge assertion and Alan what would you agree I do thanks very so much I do agree it is I mean that is fairly a type of that we’ve got been fairly excited to get our arms on I want to mention one thing about deal with these please ok this is simply my advice okay i love your advice i might i’d watch these on my own however do not put towels and things in with them proper i would wash them might be on delicate simply considering that you are gonna want to maintain these them and i might dry them on low and pass the fabric softener you do not have to do it and the cause why is these are very porous and breathable and if you wish to have them to remain that approach simply use your dryer balls or anything you realize don’t put in material softener on it right no it’s great recommendation yeah it’s satisfactory recommendation we wish these sheets do men and women smooth anyway however i’m just saying if you wish to rather continue what you’ve got got no i might rather comprehend now i might as a substitute no no i’m going to tell Chelsea once we get residence as well so so everyone knows about it I just suppose you’re going to this is like a pool it’s like a pony it appears like a pool where’s my shot get me a peanut colada you realize flow it is a mini it’s really effective and you already know that is why everybody here is responding i am so comfortable you guys are responding I’ve best had these on someday sure it was once a big day again that’s why I used to be over the moon once they mentioned that they might enable us to gift it we now have 4 minutes left before our Chromebook and printer one in every of our different shrewd deals for the holiday weekend will go over the colours recollect every person can pay the equal low price whether you are buying a twin full queen king or California king it can be best $49.Ninety five should you do need further pillowcases we’ve them available in regular or king-size now the pillowcases are much more confined in availability so order the pillowcases whilst again you do get 2 pillowcases with it or one with the twin however if you like further in the event you love a mountain of pillows on the bed order while considering I do not want you to call in day after today after which be gone ok I suppose for those ladies that are into these beauty secrets these pillowcases are gonna be satisfactory to your scanners on account that they’re really relatively smooth very soft yes sure so this is your white fine alternative there’s your grey which I keep calling silver however it is gray the taupe the champagne – the dusty rose not ever be in a position to seem at that thing i know i am gonna say i’ll reside with then you definately we have aqua we’ve got your beautiful blue light blue am i able to simply swiftly say yes digicam hooks the legend the icon are you the superstar she guys is there anyway you don’t must care the photograph she does not want just a little and i don’t I do both however persons Tamara is on the side of the scripture shout out Tamara that is that she’s ordering them as we speak everybody’s ordering these sheets everyone that’s in the know is ordering these what more what extra can we are saying LM Bob the design crew at the back of concierge assortment they may be robust they’re all napping on this I don’t want you guys to overlook out it can be a nice time to try something new and specific or should you’ve been wanting to try bamboo for a while maybe you have been considering that cooling technological know-how this is a marriage of both sure it’s it is and that our producer Jared just instructed me we discovered the item quantity and important points for the matching pillowcases if you would like them we’re gonna flash them up so you will see that them and if you again should you need to organize them while I incredibly encourage you go for it it’s a wonderful amazing technique to get that full set there are no restrictions despite the fact that it is a Labor Day holiday weekend sale so the whole lot

Concierge Collection Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

geoff cowan with clearance on bedding I want to make sure it’s very clear i know the phone lines are busy and thank you for your patience if you hang in there i hope the size is still available there in that topper everything still comes with our 30 day money back guarantee everything because what we’re about to offer you right now is unprecedented right in the way of getting your bed made perfectly every single time now when we were coming out of break and i was like you don’t believe me how soft is i said i believe these are Wow right wow it’s almost like silk it is this bamboo right though bamboo yes $49.95 now not I’d be bad I had two conversations going on my producers in May is saying that he’d bought these for a wedding gift at full price so they were just short of a hundred dollars at full price and worth every penny of that today so if you’re already ordering the top up maybe ordering the pillows that we also offered you grab the sheet set because right now as it stands at the beginning of this presentation we have all sizes and all colors color wise we have the blue we have the ivory we have lilac and we have white now there’s a question how what are your white sheets right now white are your white sheets and be smart like Doug if you have a wedding coming up and you want to give the gifts oh my god absolutely feel amazing these really i’m not exaggerating no they really are amazing and you know i have been here a long time and i can tell you i don’t see bamboo sheets very often it is very rare that we get bamboo and a lot of people only sleep on bamboo once you have a set of bamboo sheets it is a little bit addictive and you can understand why absolutely once you feel these and maybe you never felt them clearance under fifty dollars any size you owe it to yourself to get these home and try it and you know if you go to hsn.com and read the reviews first of all I think you can kind of visually see what I’m talking about the drape is unbelievable the sheen do you see how that beautiful Sheen and the coolness to these now I know right now it cold outside but what bamboo is known for is it silky hand it is natural so it is very breathable it is moisture wicking and it is naturally antimicrobial so it is just a great fabric treatment and if you are a hot sleeper you will love bamboo and what a lot of you have said is it has a soft silkiness of microfiber but it is natural you know what I think I’m not kidding you I’m watching these presentation looking anything why did I buy this before we start the show when I came out of josh levi sandy box i get these for myself now can I ask dog on a personal note white and Queen do we have plenty of those satellite seriously because this is one thing for sure I’m talking from personal experience when I talk about I’ve got a whole 150 remaining white queen leave me one set because I would be i was talking from personal experiences saying you know the white sheets that we have right now are as wide as they once were right it’s just one of those things with wear and tear now you have got a chance right now we’ve got all colors all sizes available in this amazing bamboo hyper allergenic smooth silky smooth I promise you I did not touch these until this presentation started because I wouldn’t experience it with you guys to get this set flat fitted to pillowcases for fifty dollars it now I will also point out this is more limited than what we had with the topper so know that we had just under 1,500 we got about just under 12 hundred of these remaining across the board in all colors all sizes but obviously as we go through the presentation we will definitely lose colors inside well this is what is fun about clearance is you can really upgrade you know you can get sheets that are you know easily at our price is a hundred dollars and you know in the marketplace you can spend much more than that and you can get an entire set for under fifty dollars and I was just reading reviews this has almost all our perfect 1080 11 are perfect five stars and these are people that purchase these sheets probably at $99 got them home laundered them slept on them took the time to write a review and I really love the color palette to I mean when you’re going to do sheets like this that are very special because bamboo is a lot of people love it because it is one of those sustainable resources I mean I used to live next door to my neighbors head bamboo and you can visibly see it grow from in the during the day you know what I mean it is one of those replenishable resources so we love it for that but it really is these feel like the most expensive sheets it is hard to even describe it in terms of thread count I mean it it is so so key it has such a coolness to it and you can see I don’t know how close you can get but you even notice when you look at it is a twill weave so it has a little bit of a different we’ve to it I mean you can see that it has that incredible finish this is one of those that you want to get it home you want to put it on the bed and experience it and I mean things are so important I was going to say not an important but almost some of the most intimate you know yes linens and clothing because you think about clothing even thing about a towel they’re only are momentarily even clothing you may have on for six seven eight ER but with with bedding your entire bodies in contact with worse for hours and four years and four years in most cases so for less than fifty dollars the flex pay on here I think we’ve got 2 flexpays here at 2498 grab it now another thing we’ve been offering is 0 HSN card no you if you do not have HSN card charge card we’re taking ten dollars off your first purchase now there’s no annual fees and all sorts of VIP services with the HSN card including additional flexpays on beauty on fashion on jewelry every single day the year but if you’ve never quite gone ahead and grab an HSN card will take another ten dollars off this price so this is what I say in the very beginning the quality is still there the beauty is still there at the moment sizes and colors are still there but and the 30 day money-back guarantee means that you can get it at home and sleep on it if this does not make you sigh and be welcomed in your room in your bedroom when you get in into your bed packaged up return it back to us within the 30 days and we’ll refund to the purchase price you know that’s such a great thing especially was betting you know I would say a lot of you probably have never tried bamboo because it really isn’t readily available it is one of those fabrications normally specialty catalogs high-end catalogs will offer bamboo maybe you can find it online but to be able to have it to bring it home to wash it to sleep on it to really test it out I wanted you to see this maybe just picked up that great mattress topper I know we have a featherbed coming up this has that deep pocket 18 inch accommodation the elastic goes all the way around so it is a great fitting sheet but I want you to see this even when I undid the corner here do you see the drape of this fabric it has a little bit of weight enos to it but yet it is still very very light it is very silky and cool but not slick you notice that absolutely it is again and I say this because I think of all the great features of bamboo and there is a lot what resonates I think with most people is the fact that it is natural it is breathable and it is great if you’re a hot sleeper let’s look at features you know this is one hundred percent rayon from bamboo it is naturally silky and so uncomfortable it is lightweight it is durable but at the same time it is very moisture wicking and that is important if you’re that hot sleeper you owe it to yourself differently to try a sheet that is really built for that if it describes your own personal summers right right right $49.95 8 for the last twenty four dollars and 98 scenes down at the moment we have sizes and colors across the ball but some are very very limited indeed and remember you saved me at least one set of the queen in white if you wouldn’t mind so much for 60 1799 is out of it