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Purple Sheets Review – Are Bamboo Sheets Soft and Stretchy Enough?

[background music] Sarah: hiya, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. At present, we are going to be taking a look at the Purplebed sheet. As one can find i have not even unboxed themyet. I’m just as excited as you are to look what’sinside. Now, some of you might already be familiarwith purple’s mattresses or the crimson pillow. If you want to investigate out our stories of thosePurple merchandise, just Google Sleepopolis red and it is going to be the first things that pop up. For this review, we will be taking an in depth examinationof red’s mattress sheets. I’m going to exhibit you what i admire about them,what i am now not loopy about, and for whom I believe these sheets maybe primarily beneficial. Of course, there’s a broad world of beddingout there. If after this video you’re no longer so definite thatthis sheet set is the right one for you, simply Google Sleepopolis pleasant Sheets and we are going to helpyou find the person who is. All proper, let’s get started. [background music] Sarah: good enough, this i am completely maintaining for a hairband.I formally received the sheets out of the boxand onto the mattress. Right away, i am pondering there isn’t a means thisis bamboo-based bedding since each set of bamboo sheets I’ve ever confirmed have beenvery wrinkly. As you will see that, these are utterly wrinkle-free. They have this soft seem. I am simply impressed that they’re, in fact,comprised of a blend of viscose from bamboo and spandex. Now, the people at red say that bamboo-basedfabric makes for the pleasant mattress sheets. Whilst that’s, of path, a subjective opinion,the fabric derived from bamboo does have a popularity for being naturally breathable,moisture-wicking, super tender. If you wish to understand extra about the perks ofbamboo-founded bedding, I do go into deeper element in my full written review, which islinked below.Now, as you will see, I’ve bought it within the sandcolor. That’s what it is referred to as, sand. However, crimson does offer their sheet setsin a variety of colours, together with their signature pink colour, which from what I’ve seen isvery purple. What are you getting with each and every purple sheetset? You’re getting a prime sheet, a geared up sheet,and two pillowcases. Correct now, i’m on the purple three mattress. Of course, you don’t ought to use a Purplemattress to be able to enjoy purple sheets. Nevertheless, the folks at purple do say that thesesheets have been designed with the purple mattresses in intellect. They’re stretchy first-rate and as which you could seethey are super stretchy. The stretchy high-quality is designed to complementthe stretchy and rubbery nature of the mattresses so that the sheets are flexing with the mattressin this particular to pink manner.The geared up sheet, as you will see that here, iscapable of accommodating mattresses as much as 16-inches deep. That is pretty deep pockets. This precise mattress is set 12-inchesdeep. I just tucked the surplus material tightly underthe mattress so i can get that snug fit. Now, for the pillowcases, this is the Purplepillow when you could not inform. It can be 10 kilos. I just desired you red loyalists out thereto get a appear at what the red pillow looks like within the red pillowcase. As you will see that, there is a lot of room tospare. It more than contains this pillow. Whatever i don’t love is that the openingis on the side. There is a bit of bit of this pillow spillageout of here. It’s a pet peeve of mine, however we will get intothat later. In order that you will see what it looks like accommodatinga general measurement pillow, rather less room to spare right here, a little less extra fabrichanging out.My first influence is that they are supersmooth to the contact. I’m additionally getting the experience that they may be verybreathable, very light and ethereal, which is exceptional for scorching sleepers like myself who aretrying to stave off those night sweats at night time. Of direction, the only solution to get a sense forthis bedding is to roll round in it.Let’s check it out. [history track) Sarah: adequate, so first matters first. These are the stretchiest sheets I’ve evertested. The very first thing i am noticing is that thismaterial is pulling with me. It is obtained this speedy, simply stretchy responsewhen I pull on it. Right off the bat, it can be giving me these uniquevibes that i’m into. Secondly, the fundamental factor for mewhen i am picking out the bedding that’s proper for me is how the fabric feels towards mybare skin. I will be able to let you know this specific fabric feelsso gentle to the contact. I can not discontinue rubbing my arms far and wide thesheets. Now the equipped sheet is yet another factor I’mloving considering that there is no gaping or no bunching of any form. This stretchy exceptional is serving to help itadhere very tightly to the mattress. Like I stated, that you would be able to pluck it, of course,and it is going to leap right again, however there is no unkempt- watching bunching, or gaping, or anythinglike that.That is essential to me. Speakme of the equipped sheet, one more mostimportant aspect for me once I’m picking the bedding that i like is how well the fittedsheet virtually stays placed on the mattress. I am a little bit of a restless combo sleeper, soI have to be aware of that amidst all my tossing and turning, the fitted sheet is in no way goingto grow to be untucked. I will let you know i am joyful to record thatamidst all my tossing, and turning, and switching positions, the fitted sheet certainly not even closeto became untucked. It does come geared up with an awfully thick elasticband that surrounds the perimeter of the outfitted sheet.That is doing a exceptional job of preserving this fittedsheet on the mattress. Anything that i am not loopy about from anaesthetic standpoint are the pillowcases. This stretchy great is making them lookalmost just a little dishevelled on the pillow, principally the pink pillow. The pink pillow will not be a lofty pillow rightoff the bat. There may be a ton of excess material. I just don’t think it looks that fine, tobe honest. To not mention, I do decide on the envelope closuresthat some pillowcases offer wherein there’s a little flap of fabric that covers the pillowinside. You’re not getting this pillow spillage orthe tag protruding. The pillow instances i’m now not crazy about. However, i am an awfully scorching sleeper. One factor i’m noticing for sure is that theseare tremendous cooling. They may be so secure, but additionally so gentle and breathable. As I billow this prime sheet over me, I canliterally think the air flowing by means of the material.It is actively serving to cool me down, which,like I stated, is super principal to me when you consider that i am a yr-round sizzling sleeper. I ought to say I take into account these to be particular. They deliver whatever special to the sheet recreation. I feel they’d be a superior addition toanyone’s bedroom collection. There is loads to love concerning the crimson sheets,but simply to name a couple of of my favorites. Bamboo-situated bedding does have a popularity,like I stated, for being naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and cooling. I did in finding that to be the case with theseparticular sheets. As I was rolling round in mattress, I used to be definitelyenjoying some cooling comfort which, like I said, is certainly foremost to sizzling sleeperslike myself.Anything that I idea was special and uniqueabout these sheets is the best way they flex with the red mattress. Now the stretchiness of those sheets combineswith the stretchiness of the hyper-elastic polymer throughout the red mattress. It presents this all-embracing sink into thematerial. It makes me consider simply completely immersed inPurple. If you’re a red fan, I have got to say thatthe red sheets and the purple mattress complement each other very good. Now after I’m on the hunt for bedding or myself,I do prioritize effortless wash care. I’m joyful to file that these sheets areboth machine washable and dryable. Simply wash on a bloodless cycle, tumble dry on lowheat, and you’re good to move. There are a few things about these sheetsthat some folks would bear in mind to be drawbacks.To begin with, like I mentioned, they’re tremendous lightand ethereal. They are doing a best job of maintaining me cool. If you’re a sleeper who likes sheets thatare just a little more warm and relaxed, you would want to in finding whatever that is a bit of bitheavier in weight and, like I mentioned, slightly bit more warming. Due to the fact that these are, like I stated, very gentle,very breathable, and very cooling. A further thing, and that is absolutely a matterof personal preference, is that while I located the sheets to complement the crimson mattressso seamlessly, I are not able to say the same thing for the red pillow. Like I mentioned, this pillowcase in my opinionis simply means too massive for the purple pillow. As one can find, additionally it is very stretchy. The stretchiness combined with the size, itjust doesn’t appear exceptional individually. From an aesthetic standpoint, no longer perfect. Of path, it does not detract from how supersoft and smooth it feels towards your skin, which i like. I’m just not loving the best way the pillowcaseslook on the pillow.They do not look that pleasant, for my part,on the regular measurement pillow both. There may be simply a variety of saggy excess room. In the event you would not have a king measurement pillow, you’rejust going to be working with quite a few extra material. Which brings me to my final point. Normally, bedding brands will present sleeperstrial intervals where you will have a month or many times more to scan the bedding, see ifit’s the right match for you. If it can be not, just send it on again for a reimbursement. Nonetheless, no longer handiest are there no trial periodsfor the red sheets, however there isn’t any returns both. Before you buy red sheets, you’ve gotten tobe lovely constructive that these are those for you. Well, that wraps up this evaluation. [background music] Sarah: for every last detail on these sheets,be sure to assess out my full written evaluate that you will find with the aid of Googling SleepopolisPurple Sheets. I’m hoping you determined this evaluate to be useful.If you happen to did, be sure to love and subscribeto our channel. We’re consistently going to be uploading contentwith one thing in mind, to get you the best sleep that you could. Oh, and be definite to follow us on social mediaso you can keep within the loop on the cutting-edge in enterprise information and product experiences. Thanks for watching, guys. I’m going to see you subsequent time. [music].

Brooklinen Sheets Review – Should You Buy Them and is Percale for You?

Sarah Riccio: howdy, gang. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. At present we are going to be taking a appear at the ClassicCore sheet set from Brooklinen. I will exhibit you what they are made from. What i am loving about them and what i am notso crazy about. Which you can come to a decision if this maybe the rightsheet set for you. If after this video, you are fairly no longer surethis is the proper match, just google "Sleepopolis high-quality sheets." we’ll support you to find the bedding that’s bestfor you. Let’s get started. [music] Sarah: The sheets are on the mattress. Before we get into what they are manufactured from, justwant to take a second to acknowledge the packaging that they came in. The sheet set comes in this cute tote bag.It is bought the Brooklinen insignia on each and every aspect. It feels rather long lasting and it is a prettygood dimension, so which you could, of course, use it for practical bedding storage. You might also use it to hold your books,small computer or different knick-knacks. I admire when bedding manufacturers offer little perkslike that. Props for a cute packaging. These sheets are comprised of a hundred percentage lengthy-staplecotton. They characteristic a 270 thread count in a percaleweave. Basically, that is leaving them feeling breathable,cool, crisp and in the words of the men and women at Brooklinen, "motel bed" believe. Proper away, i will tell why they call it theClassic Core set.Seeing that it does have that traditional percalepersonality, tremendous-crisp to the contact, very cool, super-breathable, additionally very mild andairy. I’m undoubtedly getting the sense that theseare going to be a go-to in the summertime. What you are getting with every set is a fittedsheet ready of accommodating mattresses as much as 15 inches deep, which might be relativelydeep pockets. Persons with taller mattresses, this would beparticularly valuable for you. I am on a mattress right now that’s about 11inches deep. There used to be an excess fabric that’s tightlytucked underneath the mattress for a quite snug fit. Comes with one top sheet, which like I mentioned,it can be giving me this very crisp, motel-bed consider. I can suppose, it is very gentle and breathableand very lightweight. I’m without doubt getting a sense, these arevery cooling then you definately get two pillowcases which featurethese little envelope closures on the facet, which is, in my view, a enormous perk. These little details like envelope closures,that in my view make a significant change considering you acquired this little piece of additional fabrichere.There’s none of these like tag, pillow spillageout of the part. It does not have the slit down within the center. That is absolutely how i admire my pillowcasesto be. My first influence of those sheets is thatthey’re without doubt, like I mentioned, what I known as a classic percale persona. Even taking what we learn about percale, whichis light, cool, ethereal and crisp, taking all those causes to the next level just a little bit. These do not believe just a little crisp, lightand ethereal, they feel very so much all of those matters. I’m lovely excited to see how they perform. Let’s get in and verify it out. [music] Sarah: As soon as I bounce into bed, the firstthing i am noticing is how cool and breathable these are. Definitely due to the fact that they’re going to bea go-to within the summertime. As i’m billowing the top sheet over my physique,i am feeling that they are extra than simply breathable. They may be actively serving to chill me down. I’m a yr-circular hot sleeper, so it is a goodchance that i might use these for year-round use.However, if you are no longer inclined to night time sweatslike i am, or you are not a hot sleeper, you would wish to save these for the summer months. Yet another thing i’m realizing is that thesemay be the crispest percale sheets I’ve ever verified. Surely giving me those resort-bed vibes. They’re tremendous-crisp, like I said, very thatpercale personality, but much more so. Anything that the crispness is contributingto slightly bit is a crinkling noise. [crinkling sound] I don’t know in the event you canhear, however when you are bunching the fabric together, even rolling round in mattress, youcan undoubtedly hear quite a lot of crinkling.I’m a beautiful sound sleeper, absolutely wouldn’tbe ample to wake me up. But if you’re sensitive to those crinkling,swishy noises, something to hold in mind. Like I stated, obviously preserving in line withwhat we learn about percale, it’s gentle, it is breathable, it’s ethereal. Yet another thing [laughs] is they’re definitelywrinkly. Even simply disposing of them from the packaging,they have been already lovely wrinkled. It’s something that is lovely characteristicof percale. I am noticing of a little extra pronounced withthese sheets than what some other percale sheets I’ve tested.Luckily, they’re computer-wash and dryable,so i might without doubt need to remove them from the dry cycle as quickly as it’s finishedyou can unfold over the mattress when they’re still heat and wrinkle-free. That will have to serve to hold the wrinkles atbay. Whatever i am additionally loving although is that thefitted sheet is staying very snugly put on the mattress. I’m a combo sleeper. When I’m rolling round at night time, i want toknow if the fitted sheet will not be going slip off the mattress. It is no longer going to have the gapping or bunchingat all. As you’ll discover it can be nonetheless bought an awfully tightfit on the mattress, that is important to me. Also loving the envelope enclosures of thepillows. When you need to embrace your pillow…IfI’m napping on my belly and that i want to put my palms underneath, i love that there may be noway for my hand to get caught, when this slit is many times down the middle.I’m liking that. I’ll say that they are absolutely very lightalmost bordering on a little skinny. Sizzling sleepers, this product is going to begood prefer for you. Humans who love the cool crispness of percale,definitely a just right advice. Eventually, i’m feeling like this can be a veryclassic core bedding essential. I believe can be a nice addition to any beddingcollection. There’s lot to like about these sheets, butjust to name a couple of.They are undoubtedly going to maintain even the hottestof sleepers cool. As i am rolling around in these sheets, I amfeeling their cooling, breathable nature. Feeling relatively mild and ethereal, like I stated,undoubtedly going to be a first-rate decide on for these warmer summer season months, or in case you are a year-roundhot sleeper like myself, it maybe pleasant for 12 months-round use, however definitely lovingthe cooling great. An extra factor is they’re, like I said, maybethe crispest percale sheets i have ever proven. They may be rather supplying you with that contemporary lodge-bedfeel. If you’re a sleeper who loves that crisppercale nature, you might be notably suitable with these. An additional thing is these small important points likethe envelope closures of the pillowcase, above all the labeling of the outfitted sheet. It is obtained the short-aspect label brief, the lengthy-sidelabel long.That you may breeze past that fitted sheet shuffling. I am in favor of something that is going toget the mattress made faster. I love that between the first-rate envelope closuresand the labeling of the outfitted sheet. Brooklinen’s making my whole sleep experiencea little bit easier. Couple of things to note about these sheets. To begin with, like I mentioned, they are super-crisp. For my part, almost a bit of too crisp. Again, that is totally a topic of personalpreference, however in my expertise, it nearly felt like the tremendous-crisp nature of thesesheets detract just a little bit from the softness.Granted, I do decide on a silky gentle satinweave. I’m placing my possess private option onthis. If you’re sleeper for whom sheets can neverbe too crisp, definitely want to provide these a try. One more factor that i am noticing about thesesheets is that they do wrinkle really without problems. Once more, this is very characteristic of a percaleweave, so it is not specified to Brooklinen sheets. However it’s whatever to maintain in mind. These without doubt wrinkle pretty easily andwrinkle almost always for the duration of. Fortunately, they’re machine-dryable. Running them by means of the dry cycle and pullingthem out when they are nonetheless warm and wrinkle-free spreading them out on the mattress like thatit’s going to support hold these wrinkles at bay. Lastly, the super-crisp nature of these sheets,in my view, is contributing a little bit to a crinkling sound.Once more, it’s now not that gigantic of a deal. I doubt it’ll preserve you up at night,undoubtedly wouldn’t hold me up. But some thing valued at noting while you roll aroundthese sheets, when you are rubbing into the material, there is undoubtedly some crinklinggoing on. That wraps up this evaluate, however for each lastdetail on these sheets, be definite to examine out my written overview which that you would be able to discover bygoogling "Sleepopolis Brooklinen sheets." I do hope you observed this overview to be useful. When you did, be sure to subscribe to our channel,supply us a thumbs up and comply with us on social media. We maintain placing out content with one thingin mind, to get you, the excellent sleep that you may. Of course, if in case you have any questions, comments,concerns please feel free to depart them in the feedback part under and we will be happyto help. Thanks for staring at, guys. I’m going to see you subsequent time. [music].

Boll and Branch Sheets Review – How Soft are These Cotton Sheets?

Sarah: hi there, gang. It is Sarah from Sleepopolis. In these days, we’ll be taking a look on the solid-hemmedsheet set from Boll and department. This really occurs to be the company’s mostpopular sheet set, so i am pretty excited to peer what they may be all about. Of path, if after this video you are notsure this bedding is the correct fit for you, just Google "Sleepopolis best Sheets." we’ll put you on the right monitor. Let’s get the sheets on the bed. [music] Sarah: These sheets are made out of 100 percentlong-staple healthy cotton. They characteristic a 300-thread depend and a sateenweave. All that mixed is leaving these sheetsfeeling tremendous soft and smooth to the touch. As I was dressing the mattress with thesesheets, first of all they believe very durable. Also, they suppose very light, ethereal, and breathable,which is more of a percale trait. I’m liking that, at the same time these are sateen, youcan certainly believe the silky soft nature that’s characteristic of a sateen weave. It is usually bringing these percale vibes withhow light, breathable, and more often than not pretty cooling these are. I am liking that mixing of the pleasant-of-sateen/excellent-of-percaletraits.First impressions is, I need to say, i can’tstop rubbing my arms everywhere the fabric. Now an additional thing you eco-friendly sleepersmight like to understand is that, whilst these sheets are certified natural, they are also a productof fair trade manufacturing. What that means is the Boll and department farmingpartners have to be paid a dwelling wage. If that form of thing is main to you,if ethically sourced sheets is essential to you, you might like to know that these sheetsare ethically sourced as well as natural and organic. It’s main to me. What are you getting with each and every set? You get a equipped sheet, which is giving methis subtly mild, lustrous sheen which i am loving. Also, feeling so soft. It is usually ready of accommodating mattressesup to 17-inches deep. That suggests excellent, deep pockets. Those of you with deeper, taller mattressesmight be mainly suitable with these sheets. You additionally get a high sheet which, like I said,is feeling very long lasting but in addition tremendous mild and breathable, and two pillow cases.Now, it’s my individual choice that thepillow circumstances have envelope enclosures, which these would not have. They do open on the facet, as you can see. Nonetheless, you’re now not getting that pillow spillagethat you oftentimes can get while you should not have envelope closures. You are no longer getting that pillow spillage considering the fact that,in my opinion, these pillow instances are further-tremendous.It is a queen set. I believe that this pillow case could accommodatea king-size pillow with out a situation. That’s something to feel about. A different thing valued at bringing up although is that,whilst you do get two pillow circumstances with a queen, king, California king, the twin or twin XLsizes handiest include one pillow case. As you’ll discover, I’ve acquired the set in whitehere, but there are 9 total colours available. My first impressions, like I mentioned, is thatthey simply consider fairly durable but in addition mild and breathable. In my expertise, repeatedly you can sheet-sacrificea little little bit of durability for breathability or a bit of bit of coolness for silkiness. I am feeling a combination of all these lovelytraits.I am excited to get into mattress and spot how theyperform. [music] Sarah: [sighs] the very first thing that is excitingme about these sheets is that, to begin with, i’ll admit i am preferential to a sateen weave. I like the silky tender consider of a sateen weave. This is most likely feeling so buttery-smoothto the touch which, like I said, is a massive basis of attraction for a sateen weave. Routinely, you are, like I said, sacrificingthat consider for some cooling properties. That’s to say, it can be as a rule the case that sateenwoven sheets do lie a bit heavier on the physique. They do are typically a little bit thicker andtherefore not as breathable and cooling. Nevertheless, these are giving me the satisfactory of bothworlds. They’re feeling so buttery-gentle, like Isaid, but they’re also so light and ethereal. I am a scorching sleeper. Like I stated, it’s the nice of each worldsfor me. I am getting that silky smoothness that i love,however i’m also feeling this airy, billowy breathability of the top sheet.I am additionally feeling this gentle, airy feelingin the equipped sheet. I am particularly liking that mixture of characteristics. Some thing i am noticing although is, like Isaid earlier than, there’s somewhat bit of a mixing of sateen and percale features. One of those things is that, while sateenwoven sheets do are typically just a little extra resistant to wrinkles and percale a little bit extra proneto wrinkles, these are one of the most wrinkly sateen sheets I’ve confirmed. Even simply correct from out of the packaging,they were already beautiful wrinkled. They have been wrinkled more often than not for the duration of,both the top sheet and the equipped sheet. They are computer wash and dryable though.They do include care instructional materials. Placing them via the dry cycle and removingthem as quickly because the dry cycle is finished, and then spreading them out over the mattresswhen they’re still heat and wrinkle-free goes to help hold these wrinkles at bay. It can be anything to preserve in intellect. There may be also, as is normal with a sateenweave, somewhat little bit of a swishing noise when you — I don’t know if that you may hear it — rubyour fingers on the material. There is slightly little bit of that swishing noise,without doubt now not detracting from the softness in any respect. Like I mentioned, it feels so silky-gentle. At the finish of the day, how sheets consider againstmy epidermis is the foremost component for me. One thing I do ought to note although is thatthe sheen on this sheet set is a bit bit much less lustrous than every other sateen-wovensheets I’ve confirmed. Now, unique strokes for one of a kind persons. In my opinion, I cannot get ample of the luster.For me, the shinier the simpler. These of you who do prefer a extra subtle luster,you possibly extra suitable with these. It’s whatever worth noting. These are rather less lustrous. Like I stated, in terms of white cottonbedding essentials, I believe these are a best pick. There is loads that i’m loving about thesesheets. To begin with, if you are anybody who likes to sleepgreen, you’re going to be especially suitable with these sheets. The packaging that these sheets are available, whichis beautiful incidentally — i really like the silky ribbon — is made out of fully recycled materials. The sheets themselves are one hundred percentage certifiedorganic. They’re a made of fair exchange manufacturing. For me, all these things aid me sleep a littlebetter at night. A further thing that I individually prioritizewhen it comes to bedding is easy wash care. I am joyful to record that caring for thesesheets is pretty handy. Just wash on a heat cycle. Tumble dry on medium heat, and that’s it. For those of you who like a smooth, wrinkle-freelook, which you can iron these sheets as good.A further thing i’m quite liking about thesesheets is that they are gentle, cool, and airy. It’s now not constantly the case that sateen wovensheets have that cooling breathability. As a sizzling sleeper, it is undoubtedly a perk forme. A pair matters to note about these sheets. While i’m liking the cool, gentle, breathabilitybecause i am a hot sleeper, some of you would like that sateen-woven sheets do are likely to liea little bit heavier on the body and are slightly bit more warming. It is worth noting that these are some of thelightest and most cooling and breathable sateen-woven sheets I’ve ever proven.They are additionally slightly bit more wrinkly thansome different sateen sheets I’ve proven. It’s now not a massive deal. It undoubtedly did not detract from the comfortat all. I do suppose that through casting off them from thedry cycle as soon as it is completed and spreading them out over the mattress when they’re stillwarm, that must serve to keep a few of these wrinkles at bay. One more factor to understand is that, when it comesto sateen-woven sheets, the luster absolutely varies from subtly lustrous to very bright. I might say these are obviously nearer tothe subtly lustrous finish of the spectrum. It can be a matter of individual alternative. Like I mentioned, I do decide on that actual lustroussheen that is by and large characteristic of a sateen weave.It’s valued at noting that these are bringingmore of a refined sheen to the desk. Good, that wraps up this review. For each last detail on this sheet set, besure to assess out my full written evaluation that you will find via googling "Sleepopolis Bolland branch Sheets." I do hope you found this assessment to be worthy. In case you had any questions along the way orwant to depart us a comment, please suppose free to take action within the comment section beneath.We might be happy to support. Oh, and remember to comply with us on socialmedia and like and subscribe to our channel since we’re continuously going to be uploadingcontent with one foremost thing in intellect — to get you the high-quality sleep which you can. Thanks for observing, guys. We will see you subsequent time. [music].

Ecosa Mattress Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Mattress?

Logan: What’s up, everybody? It’s Logan from sleepopolis.com and, today,I’m going to be reviewing the Ecosa mattress. The Ecosa is an adjustable mattress meaningyou can change the foam layers to better fit your firmness preferences. I’m going to talk about what makes up theEcosa, talk about the firmness of it, run some tests, give some recommendations. If there’s anything I don’t cover during thevideo, just leave a note in the comments section below.If you are looking for other mattress reviews,you can just google Sleepopolis and mattress reviews to see our full listing there. For right now, let’s jump in and talk aboutthe construction of the Ecosa mattress. [music] Logan: Now taking a look at the materialsof the Ecosa mattress. Speaking briefly on the cover, I do want topoint out it is removable and machine washable. It’s polyester. That’s really all you have to know about thatcover. Underneath that, there’s this second coverwhich is waterproof, which could be a nice feature if you are interested in that.Underneath the cover, we get to the foam layersof the Ecosa. There’s three layers. You can rearrange them into different positionsdepending on what firmness you’re looking for. This is how it actually comes out of the box. They call it medium, but it is the softestarrangement of foam layers for the Ecosa. On top, in this arrangement, is the memoryfoam layer. It’s maybe about an inch of memory foam there,classic memory foam feel. You can see that really slow response to pressure,gives you that contouring feeling around your hand. You sink into it. It’s nice for pressure relief. Something to look out for, though, is thatmemory foam can trap heat a bit at times. If you are someone who’s a little bit nervousabout overheating in the middle of the night, memory foam mattresses are something thatyou should be wary of a little bit. Underneath that, in this arrangement, it’sset up as a transition layer, but this poly foam layer you actually flip over this piecehere.You can see these are glued together. If you want it to be a little bit firmer thanthe medium arrangement with the memory foam on top, you just flip this over after youunzip the mattress and put this on top. It’s got a quicker response to pressure. In my opinion, it is a little bit firmer thanthe memory foam on top of it. It gives you a little bit more mobility, thingslike that. About the same firmness, in my opinion, maybea little bit firmer. In this arrangement here, it basically transitionsyou from the soft memory foam on top through to the transition layer here and, finally,into the high density poly foam base.It is a really firm material, as you can see. Quick response to pressure supports the layersof foam on top of it. If you do put the Ecosa in the firmest arrangementof all of them, you actually drop these two pieces to the bottom and move this to thetop and actually lay directly on this piece. In my opinion, it is much firmer in that arrangement. We’ll get a little bit more into the feelingthere, but those are the three foam layers of the Ecosa mattress. Now that we’ve seen what makes up the Ecosamattress, I want to talk a little bit about what it feels like to actually lie on topof one.Like I said before, the Ecosa is an adjustablemattress. There’s three different firmness levels. I’m going to talk briefly about each of them. The way that it set up first was the softestway that you can arrange the Ecosa’s layers. They call it the medium firmness. I’d agree with that. It’s about a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. A few other testers test out the mattressas well. They all had it in that same kind of 5.5,6.5 out of 10 range, somewhere in there with the memory foam on top of the mattress. It’s fine for back sleepers, the little bitof sinkage, definitely some contouring around the body because of the memory foam. If you’re a side sleeper and you buy the Ecosa,I think that’s the arrangement you’re going to want to have it in in general because itis, in my opinion, the softest setup out of the three.Finally, if you’re a stomach sleeper, I wouldsay that the softest arrangement of the Ecosa is probably not the one for you because itwill have that memory foam on top. Your hips definitely will feel like they sinkin a little bit. I definitely experienced that when I was lyingon that portion of the Ecosa mattress. Next setup, I want to talk about the mediumfirmness of the Ecosa. They call it medium firm firmness. Basically, this is with the white middle layeractually spun over and put on top of the mattress. In my opinion, it’s about the same firmnessas if the memory foam’s on top. It’s just got a little quicker response toit. There’s a little bit extra firmness to it,maybe like a half point or something there. Overall, about the same level of support,in my opinion, as well as the other testers that tested out the Ecosa for me. If you are more of a combo sleeper and rollaround from your back to your side, this might be more in line with what you’re looking forbecause you feel more on top of this arrangement than you will if the memory foam’s on top.In general, I don’t think that the feel, otherthan that sinkage in contour, is much different between the medium and soft arrangements onthe Ecosa. Finally, the firmest arrangement of the Ecosajust takes that high density poly foam base and places it on top, so you lie directlyon top of that. In my opinion, it is noticeably firmer thanthe other arrangements. A few of my testers disagreed and didn’t thinkthere was much difference in that feel at all. In my opinion, if you’re a stomach sleeper,this is definitely the way to go with the Ecosa mattress.Definitely felt more on top of the mattress. It’s a firmer feel. There’s not much give to that at all. If you’re a side sleeper, I think you’re goingto feel a little jammed up if you lie directly onto that high density poly foam. Again, if you’re a side sleeper, go with thesoftest version of this or with the memory foam on top. More of a combo sleeper, I think you’re goingto want to turn that layer over so that you get a little bit quicker bounce to the mattress,a little bit more mobility. About the same level of support. Finally, if your stomach sleeper, I wouldsay put the firm arrangement up so that you’re going to be able to have your hips supportedso you don’t sink too far into the mattress. Instead of just describing the feel of theEcosa mattress to you, I want to give you a visual representation of where pressurepoints might form while lying on the mattress.My first test here is what the pressure map. I’ve laid a pressure map on top of the mattress. I tried it in all three arrangements for theEcosa. You’ll see the results ranging from blue forlow pressure to red for high pressure. A few interesting things come up when takinga look at the pressure map for the Ecosa. One is that it stays pretty much blue, lowpressure, across the board on my back regardless of the firmness of this mattress. That means pretty much my weight’s in an evenlydistributed situation, so I don’t push too far in the mattress either way.I agree. I don’t think there’s much difference in termsof pressure points forming when I’m in this position. The bigger differences come when I roll ontomy side. You can see, on the firmer version or thefirmer arrangement of the Ecosa mattress, there’s definitely higher pressure in theshoulders and the hips, which are two problem areas for a lot of side sleepers. With a firmer mattress, side sleepers aregoing to start interacting with the support of a mattress a lot quicker. You’re going to have higher pressure in thosepositions, get a little jammed up, especially at the shoulders. That’s why a lot of side sleepers prefer softermattresses that you can sink deep into for a lot of pressure relief. Looking at the medium and the soft arrangementsof the Ecosa, you don’t see too much difference there. Like I said, in my opinion, the support levelof those arrangements is pretty similar. The only difference really is that contouringfeel with memory foam up or more of a quick response with the poly foam on top.Rolling onto my stomach. Again, weight’s pretty evenly distributed. You don’t see too much difference here interms of pressure across the body. I would, however, recommend that if you area stomach sleeper that I would say you should go with the firm support arrangement justbecause I think it does a better job of supporting your hips and keeping your spine aligned ina good position. My next test up is the sinkage test. This is for those people that want to knowwhether they’re going to feel like they’re sitting on top of or sinking into bed. I used four balls of varying sizes, weightsand densities — so, many different body parts — and see how far into the mattress theysink. We have a 6-pound ball, a 10-pound ball, 50-poundball, and 100-pound ball to simulate that center mass of your body if you’re a bit bigger. Honestly, in terms of sinkage, I think theEcosa is on the average, so somewhere between one and six inches of sinkage depending onwhich ball we’re talking about.There is a bit of difference depending onwhich arrangement you have the mattress in. If you are in the firm arrangement, I wouldsay there’s about an inch less sinkage across the board in terms of how far in these ballsare sinking as compared to the medium and soft arrangements, which come in at the sameamount of sinkage. Really, the difference between the soft andmedium arrangements isn’t that much. It’s just the difference in feel between thememory foam or poly foam on top, which is you’ll feel a little bit more stuck in thememory foam because that’s slow response. In general, there’s about the same level ofsinkage for those two as opposed to the firm, which is going to keep you up out of the mattressa little bit more. Another test we ran is the motion transfertest or bounce test. We drop a ball from 4, 8, and 12 inches tosimulate someone getting into bed in the middle of night or rolling around, that kind of thing,on the other side of the bed.We track the disturbance across the mattress. Depending on the arrangement you have themattress in, you’re going to get a little bit more bounce out of the poly foam, a littlebit more disturbance transferred across the mattress in those situations because they’rea little bit bouncier, have a little bit quicker response. Memory foam is going to be better to dullthat disturbance. It’s transferred across the mattress becauseit doesn’t have that quick response to pressure and not as much bounce. Before we go, I want to give a few recommendationsand complaints that I have about the Ecosa mattress.First, one of the reasons I think you mightlike the Ecosa or want to buy it is if you’re going to use it in a guest room, people withdifferent preferences in terms of firmness coming through that you might want to changeit. That could be an option. Two, another reason you might like the Ecosais if it’s for a kid’s room. As kids grow, their preferences in terms offirmness change. Also, there is the waterproof second coverunderneath the top cover which is removable and machine washable for any accidents orspills kids might have, so could be a good choice for a kid’s room as well. Some of the complaints I have about the Ecosais that changing around or adjusting the layers for different firmness arrangements is a pain. Definitely, it took two people here in theSleepopolis room to change it around to the different firmness layers as we were testingit out. Two, there’s not really any bounce to thismattress. It is an all-foam mattress so that’s not thatweird, but changing positions is a little bit tougher when there’s not much bounce toa mattress.Those are just a few of my general recommendationsand complaints. If you have any other questions, please leavea note in the comments section below. If you are interested in purchasing an Ecosamattress, I want to give you a little bit of information on that process. First, there is a 100-night trial period,so you get the mattress in home for a little over three months before you have to decidewhether or not you want to send it back. Two, there is a 15-year warranty. Of course, you want to check online on theirwebsite for exactly what that warranty covers. That’s definitely above the average of whatI would say is usually a 10-year warranty for the foam bed-in-a-box market. Shipping is free, and it will arrive compressedin a box.When you take it out of the box and let itexpand, you’re going to want to let it sit for at least a couple of hours, if not overnight,before anyone sleeps on it so it gets to its full potential there. Finally, in terms of price, the queen sizeversion of the Ecosa mattress comes in at $850. That’s it for my review of the Ecosa mattress. Again, if there is anything I didn’t cover,just leave a note in the comments section below. 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